Tom Arnold Tells CNN He Has Tapes Of President Donald Trump The Public Has Not Heard

Maury PhillipsGetty Images

Tom Arnold told CNN that he secured tapes of President Donald Trump that the public has yet to hear.

According to a CNN report, the actor appeared on the network’s Erin Burnett OutFront, and Poppy Harlow interviewed him about his upcoming TV show, Viceland: The Hunt for the Trump Tapes, which will focus on tapes featuring the president.

Harlow asked, “Do you have any tapes of the President that the public is not already aware of?” Arnold answered, “Yes.”

Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband went on to discuss his knowledge of Donald Trump from his time on Trump’s reality TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice.

“If you see, for instance, one full day on the boardroom set of ‘The Apprentice,’ one full day, and you see how incompetent he was,” he said.

Arnold admitted that his show has a lot of tapes featuring now President Donald Trump. Arnold met with many people so far in his quest to track down footage of the president that’s rumored to exist. He’s met with former White House spokesperson Anthony Scaramucci, Russian-American Felix Sater, and former personal attorney to the president Michael Cohen so far.

The Inquisitr reported that Arnold and Cohen will team up to bring down Donald Trump. On Thursday, Arnold took to Twitter to share a picture of himself with Cohen, which he captioned, “I love New York.” Shortly after that, Cohen, who is under criminal investigation, retweeted Arnold’s tweet with no additional comment.

During his interview with Harlow, Arnold addressed the president directly. The actor looked at the camera and said the following.

“I’m spending the weekend hanging out with Michael Cohen, and there’s a lot going on. So, you’ve disrespected him and his family and there’s a lot going on.”

While it’s difficult to tell what that means, exactly, it seems clear that Arnold at least wants Donald Trump and the rest of the world to believe that something huge is coming soon. While it could be a ratings stunt for his show, it could also end up being the truth too.

As for Cohen, he tweeted that he did not spend the weekend with Tom Arnold discussing President Donald Trump, but he did thank the actor for his kind words. Cohen chalked up the selfie that Arnold tweeted as a chance encounter and a selfie. If that’s true, then it does point to the theory that Arnold wants to get a lot of chatter going about his upcoming show.

Today, Arnold tweeted to set the record straight.

“Michael Cohen didn’t say Me & him were teaming up to take down Donald Trump! Michael has enough Trump on his plate. I’m the crazy person who said Me & Michael Cohen were teaming up to take down Trump of course. I meant it. Michael doesn’t get paid by Vice #thehuntforthetrumptapes.”

Cohen thanked Arnold for his tweet.

The show is set to air sometime later this year, and will probably come in time to cause possible issues for the November elections as long as Arnold and the celebrities he’s teaming up with can come through with the rumored videos.