Pregnant Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend In YouTube Stunt Cried, Begged For Him To Stop, Video Shows

A 19-year-old pregnant mother from Minnesota was charged with manslaughter in June, 2017. Monalisa Perez and her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz, wished to record a dangerous stunt for their new YouTube channel, hoping to hit fame and fortune. While filming, Monalisa fatally shot her boyfriend when the stunt went terribly wrong.

According to a recent BuzzFeed update, the prosecutor for the case released video footage that captured the final moments of Pedro Ruiz’s life. On Friday, June 22, Norman County Attorney James Brue released several photos, transcripts, and videos to the media. The news release captured Pedro’s words right before his girlfriend shot the bullet that ultimately killed him.

Ruiz recorded a message to his viewers that, in a way, predicted the outcome of his ill-fated attempt at going viral.

“The ultimate test is to see if this 50-caliber bullet will go through a book. I’m going to stand behind it and Monalisa is going to shoot. I hope she hits the book and not me.”

Before the stunt was carried out, he was recorded saying that there is nobody he trusts more in this world than his girlfriend. In his final words to viewers, Pedro assured them that if he dies, he is ready to go to heaven.

Pedro admitted that the YouTube stunt was dangerous and unintelligent, claiming that if he dies during this experiment, Jesus probably won’t accept him into the pearly gates because of how stupid it is. That didn’t stop him from being ready to meet his maker.

“So if I’m gonna die, I’m pretty much ready to go to heaven right now.”

Monalisa also knew that the stunt was dangerous and took to Twitter to express her own thoughts on it

The couple had reportedly practiced the stunt in the past and the bullet never went through the book. During the recorded version, however, the 50-caliber “cannon” traveled through the encyclopedia and into Pedro’s chest. When Monalisa realized what had happened, she immediately called for help.

In the recently released 911 transcript, a frantic Monalisa Perez told the emergency operator the following.

“He wanted to see if I could shoot his gun in a book and it went and shot him and it’s all on recording. Oh my god, he’s going to die.”

Pedro Ruiz died at the scene.

The couple had been dating for six years, and, at the time of Pedro’s death, Monalisa was pregnant with their second child. Earlier that year, Perez had started her own vlog where she documented the life of teenaged parents.

Ruiz wanted to be successful in a similar manner, so he developed his own YouTube channel, telling his family members that he planned on making money from subscriber views.

Although Perez was supportive of her boyfriend’s endeavors, she was not keen on the possible outcome of this particular stunt. She told police she didn’t want to do this one. She caved to his continuous requests to help him, but reportedly got cold feet as they began filming.

A pair of GoPro cameras set up to record the stunt captured Monalisa pleading with her boyfriend to stop the stunt.

“Babe, if I kill you what’s going to happen to my life? Like no, this isn’t okay. I don’t want to be responsible.”

“Come on,” said Pedro, urging Monalisa to pull the trigger, “you won’t.”

“As long as you hit the book. As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine. Come on, the battery’s gonna die on it. Come closer.”

The channel set up by Pedro was named “Damnitboy,” and the encyclopedia versus bullet video was Ruiz’s first in what was supposed to be a multitude of scheduled stunt and prank videos. For the death of her boyfriend, Monalisa Perez was later charged with second-degree manslaughter and served 180 days behind bars. The released video does not include the actual shooting.