Actor Michael Rapaport Stops Man From Opening Plane’s Emergency Door Mid-Flight

Matthew EismanGetty Images for Tribeca Film Festiva

As if flying wasn’t stressful enough these days, to see someone about to open the plane’s emergency door when you’re already up in the air makes it exponentially worse. Well, that’s what happened on a recent flight, but luckily actor Michael Rapaport sprung into action, reports TMZ.

Fox Sports director Ted Kenney was on the plane and wrote all about it on his Twitter feed. “Crazy. On plane to LA from Houston. I am 11 rows back and I hear Michael Rapport yell ‘Hey’ but not in a normal way and very loud. Michael is sitting in the 1st row on the right. I see Michael shoot up out of his seat and rush to the area just between the bulkhead and the bathroom and yell ‘what the f%&* are you doing?’ Mike continues yelling,” which got Kenney up out of his seat, rushing to help Rapaport subdue the man, along with “some Big 3 players.” The craziness didn’t end there. According to Kenney, Rapaport snagged the guy by his collar, maneuvering him away from the exit door while the crew was in the back of the plane. He then wrote that no one was looking out for their safety except Rapaport, whom he titled “Mr. New York.”

[Warning: Instagram video below may contain offensive language.]

So why did the guy try to open the emergency door? According to Kenney, the guy thought he was opening the bathroom door. “Trying to open a door with a window in it that shows your 10,000 feet up and you think it’s a bathroom? I’m not buying that.” Meanwhile, Rapaport took to Instagram (see above), once things calmed down, to thank the others, including Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Baron Davis, who helped out as well. Kenny added, “And the reaction times of #bigbaby and @BaronDavis were that of a NFL combine. Food, glass and trays be damned. @MichaelRapaport.”

Rapaport is known for many movies like Beautiful Girls, Mighty Aphrodite, and True Romance as well as TV shows like Atypical and White Famous, but recently is almost as well known for the rants he’s had about everything under the sun that he posts to his various social media accounts. His frank language and no-holds-barred attitude have won him a new legion of fans who can’t wait to see what the actor will say and do next. Now that this has happened, he may also win the contest of which celebrity you most want sitting next to you on your next flight.