Courtney Stodden Changes Name, Releases 'Sixteen' Detailing Her Feelings At That Age

Tiffany Bailey

Courtney Stodden has been making headlines for years. Her marriage at 16 was one of the things that launched her into instant stardom, but it also caused her a lot of grief. Doug Hutchinson was 51 when he married Stodden, something that drew a lot of attention. Almost immediately following her marriage, Courtney was thrown into the world of reality television.

Recently, Courtney Stodden has reemerged in the spotlight. She separated from Doug Hutchinson last year, and they are currently working through their divorce. In order to shed her old life, Stodden decided to change her name and appearance. According to Toofab, Stodden now goes by Ember, and has emerged with plenty of possibilities ahead. Along with a new name, a music career is on the horizon. Not only has Ember debuted new songs, she has poured her heart and soul into them.

"Sixteen" is the song she has been talking about. Courtney Stodden apparently wrote about her experience being married at 16, with the lyrics coming across as incredibly raw. She is taking the divorce hard, and doing some self-reflection in the process. Stodden has been obsessed with Marilyn Monroe for years and has mentioned her several times in interviews and while on the reality shows she has appeared on.

The divorce from Doug Hutchinson will take some time to become finalized. Courtney Stodden is planning to leave that life behind, even though she has admitted to still loving him. Things were toxic between the two and having a miscarriage really changed things. Unfortunately, changing her name to Ember and moving on with life is the only way she believes she can move on. Letting go of who she was and the things she envisioned for her life will be a process. Fans are getting to know Ember and the meaning behind her change. Courtney Stodden is gone, and a brand new fierce woman is rising from the ashes with a fire in her soul.