Google employee is asking you to name his baby

You can never be trusting online. Really.

So, why would you trust people lurking online to choose a name for your baby? Jason Morrison and his wife Ann are asking Internet users to choose the name for their child due this November.

Jason, a Google employee, has posted a poll on his blog, asking everyone to vote on what they should name their baby. The couple suggested 17 different names and is also allowing online visitors to suggest alternatives.

“My wife and I are expecting, and thus we have to pick a name for our new baby. We’ve perused baby name websites and tried the Freakonomics tactic of predicting popular names, but to be honest none of it was really working. As a Googler, though, the answer should have been obvious – let the Internet do it!” he writes in his blog.

Since he’s from Google, how about Larry or Sergey if the baby is a boy. Anyone out there who can suggest a name for a baby girl?