'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Shares Shocking Photo Of Face After Hospitalization For Kidney Issues

Lately, Sarah Hyland just can't seem to catch a break!

As the Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, the actress opened up to fans about her low weight as a result of kidney dysplasia, which is a condition where one's kidneys don't develop like they're supposed to in the womb. This has caused the Modern Family star a lot of trouble and she was even forced to get a kidney transplant in 2012.

Additionally, Hyland shared with fans on her Instagram account that as a result of the kidney issues, it is hard for her to put on weight. Hyland recently posted a photo of herself with the telling caption, "Skeletor, party of 1." In another photo that was posted, she revealed that she weighs only 87 pounds!

"Desperately waiting to get cleared so I can start lifting weights again," she wrote.

And now, Hyland is once again taking to social media to share her health issues with fans. This past Monday, Hyland shared that she was forced to be hospitalized after suffering complications from her debilitating kidney disease. In the photo posted to her Instagram story today, Hyland appears makeup free and her face looks incredibly swollen, with puffy bags around both of her eyes.

"Sometimes a selfie is more than just a good angle or feelin' cute. This time for #NationalSelfieDay, I've decided to share my truth. As painful as it is. So here is my face that was torn from work against my will. But I'm very grateful it was. Health should always come first."
In addition to the swollen face photo, Hyland also shared a video of herself before the incident. In the video, Hyland lays in bed, again with no makeup on, wearing oversized glasses on. Her hair is in a ponytail and her beloved dog can be seen licking her all over her face. She shared with fans that her dog was basically telling her to go to the doctor.
"Can't wait to come back to my precious angel princess. She's perfect and knows exactly what I need at all times. This was taken this past Sunday. Day before hospitalization. She was literally telling me to get treatment."
Luckily, through all of these health issues, Sarah still has her man by her side. Earlier this month Hyland's boyfriend, former Bachelorette star Wells Adams, dished on his relationship with Sarah to People, saying that despite their fame, the relationship is "weirdly normal" and it's been "really nice."In May, Hyland also shared an adorable photo of herself and Wells laying in bed after confessing that they had just said "I love you" for the first time.

"You are the most phenomenal man I have ever met and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you by my side," she wrote.

It's nice to know that she has someone to lean on as she continues to struggle with her health issues.