Donald Trump Tweets To Republicans To Stop Wasting Time On Immigration Bill Until After The Mid-Terms

Ernest Shepard

Donald Trump wants the Republican Party to stop wasting time focusing on immigration and immigration discussions until after the mid-term elections. According to CNN, President Trump wants more Republicans in the Senate before moving forward on any future immigration bills.

Now there are questions regarding what is going to happen to the families that have been separated from each other. Citizens have grown concerned over the latest rounds of ICE sweeps and roundups near the United States and Mexico border. With the controversial Donald Trump-ordered raids, mothers and fathers have been separated from their small children.

The children have been housed together in fenced cells until the United States courts decide the fate of their families. It has become what many are considering inhumane conditions with the children caged in, without their parents. According to ABC News, several U.S. mayors went to visit one of the border towns. However, when they requested to see the living conditions, their request was refused.

According to Politico, over 500 kids were reunited with their families in May, per Donald Trump's orders. What it suggests is that kids have been separated from their families for months as Donald Trump and the Republican Party works on an advantageous immigration bill for them.

It may take months before anything regarding their fate will be determined, especially now with President Donald Trump and his new orders.

Per usual Donald Trump style, the president revealed what he wanted the Republicans to do next in a Twitter post.

Being thrown under the bus by Donald Trump as the reason why there has not been a resolution on immigration is something that Democrats will not tolerate. It has played a major role when it comes to the divide on immigration discussions.

President Donald Trump wants the Republicans to wait until the mid-term elections before focusing on immigration bills. Many think that if a resolution is not met soon, waiting could cost Donald Trump and the Republican Party spots in the House and Senate come November.