NBA Rumors: LaVar Ball Gives LA Lakers Permission To Trade Lonzo Ball

As the 2018 offseason goes deeper, rumors and speculations continue to swirl that the Los Angeles Lakers are expressing strong interest in trading for Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs. One of the young players who is expected to be part of the trade package that will be sent to San Antonio is Lonzo Ball. Despite going through ups and downs in his rookie season, Ball has shown his potential to become a superstar in the league, making him the perfect piece for the Spurs to build around.

The news about the trade rumors swirling around Lonzo Ball reached his controversial father LaVar Ball. Speaking with TMZ Sports at his JBA season opener on Thursday afternoon, the older Ball doesn't look concerned whether the Lakers move his son to the Spurs or not. However, he warned them that trading Lonzo could be the "worst move they ever made."

"If they wanna trade him, trade him. It'll be the worst move they ever made," Ball said. "If they don't wanna trade him, keep him. He's gonna do his thing. I'm not worried about no trades."

As of now, LaVar has nothing to worry about Lonzo Ball being traded to the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs reportedly have zero interest in adding Ball to their team. Ramona Shelburne of ESPN revealed that the Lakers tried contacting the Spurs about a potential deal involving Leonard, but San Antonio "shut the door" for Los Angeles and showed no intention of having a dialogue.

Despite their worsening relationship with Leonard, the Spurs are still hoping that they can resolve the issue and convince the disgruntled superstar to sign the massive contract extension this summer. Even if the Spurs finally decide to let Leonard go, it is highly unlikely that they will send him to the Lakers or other Western Conference teams who could ruin their plan to return to title contention. However, the Lakers' failure to engage in a trade deal with the Spurs doesn't mean that Ball is already safe from being traded.

Aside from trade rumors involving Lonzo Ball, LaVar also talked about his other son, LiAngelo Ball, who went undrafted on Thursday night. LaVar said that LiAngelo could enter the league as a free agent. He has a strong belief that all of his three sons will be playing in the same NBA team and eventually win an NBA championship title together in the future.

"He'll come in the back door as a free agent," LaVar said. "Somebody will take all 3 of my boys and whoever do, guess what -- championship."