Canadian Graphic Novelist Found Guilty Of Murdering Fiancee, Who Was Tortured And Died Next To Their Baby

Oli ScarffGetty Images

Proving that money alone does not buy happiness, a Canadian graphic novelist, who is also the son of a millionaire, was found guilty of multiple crimes related to the torture and murder of his fiancee.

According to People Magazine, Blake Liebel tortured his fiancee to death just weeks after she gave birth to their daughter.

The fiancee, Iana Kasian, was killed in May, 2016. Their daughter, Diana, was only 3-weeks-old when her mother was murdered.

Libel is the son of Lorne Leibel, who bills himself as a “real estate developer,” and is one of the wealthiest men in Canada today. He was also a former Olympian. His mother, Eleanor Leibel, was an heiress to a plastics fortune who passed away in 2011. According to the outlet, Blake Liebel was living on an $18,000-a-month allowance.

Perhaps what’s most chilling about this Canadian graphic novelist’s career is that he’s best known for the book, Syndrome, which was released in 2010. In the book, a scientist experiments on a serial killer in order to find a cure for evil. The killer murdered a man by slitting his throat and hanging him by his ankles so he bled out.

And, according to the Deputy District Attorney, Beth Silverman, who prosecuted the case, this graphic novel served as a “blueprint” for the murder that Liebel would eventually commit on Kasian.

Liebel and Kasian lived together in a ritzy part of West Hollywood, California.

When Kasian’s body was found, she was on a bed, drained of all her blood, and missing her scalp. Her baby daughter, Diana, was found near the body.

Kasian would have been missing forever were it not for the frantic calls of her mother, Olga, who alerted the Los Angeles Police Department that her daughter hadn’t answered any phone calls or text messages that she’d sent.

It took the police breaking into the apartment for Kasian’s body to be found; and for the grisly scene to be revealed.

The Los Angeles Police Department also found 11 trash bags, some of which contained sheets covered in blood as well as Kasian’s body parts, including chunks of her hair and scalp that were missing from the scene.

Silverman told the jury that the Canadian graphic novelist was a “monster” who threw his fiance’s body away “like she was nothing but trash.”