The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Will Feature ‘The Biggest Battle In TV History’


Fans of the uber-smash HBO show Game of Thrones will be a part of history when the series finale airs next year, as it will feature what the show’s cast and crew are calling “the biggest battle in TV history.”

According to the Daily Mail, Natalia Lee, the armorer for the show, said that the weapons she’s created for the ultimate, final battle for the fate of Westeros are “bigger and badder than ever.”

Considering that the swords made of Valyrian steel — as wielded by the likes of Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) — were pretty epic in and of themselves, it remains to be seen how “big and bad” the weapons on Game of Thrones can really get.

But the extent of the battle and the weapons remained carefully hidden by Lee, as is part of the show’s confidentiality agreements with all of the cast and crew.

“I can’t really say much. It’s gonna be the biggest battle in TV history, I can definitely say that. It’s just getting bigger and badder,” she said.

What she could share, however, was that the battles were “true to form,” because Game of Thrones fans are very savvy and can pick up when the battle has been “enhanced” with CGI. There’s rarely, if ever, a scene with tens of thousands of people in it (that’s replicated by CGI), but more often than not, there are scenes with over 400 people in it, which are then replicated to look like thousands.

Lee also shared some photos of her past work with the show on her Twitter page, which you can check out below.

Moreover, Lee said that while there’s a lot of supervision on the set, many of the weapons are functional, so people have to be really careful if they’re looking to be an extra, lest they cut someone’s head off for real.

The show, whose final season will begin filming in Northern Ireland later this summer, already has fans buzzing about what the series finale will be all about.

While much of the cast and crew are currently enjoying success with other projects, they will all soon come together to begin filming. Ultimately, too, we will see who is, ultimately, going to sit on the Iron Throne.

Based on a series of books by George RR Martin, the Game of Thrones series finale is set to air sometime next summer on HBO.