Danielle Bregoli Mourns XXXTentacion, Calls For End To Violence

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Danielle Bregoli gained her claim to fame from being an out of control teenager. She became known as the “cash me outside” girl, something that stuck after her appearance on Dr. Phil. Bregoli is known professionally as Bhad Bhabie. Despite the sour taste she left in the mouth of many talk show viewers, she managed to get herself a record deal.

The news of XXXTentacion’s death earlier this week has left the music world stunned. While there are people who weren’t affected by the news, there are some who were brought to tears. Danielle Bregoli was reportedly close to the rapper, something that wasn’t widely known or broadcast to the world. According to TMZ, she is still choked up about losing her friend. Bregoli talked to the outlet about her friendship with X and called for the violence to end. She was asked about cleaning up her image, but no response was given.

On Instagram, Danielle Bregoli talked about XXXTentacion and their friendship. There was a five-year age gap between the two, but that didn’t seem to matter. She is especially hung up on the last words she spoke to him, something that may haunt her forever. Bregoli recounted telling X that she never wanted to talk to him again. After what transpired on Monday, she is having serious regrets over her choice of words.

Yesterday I lost one someone very important to me. x was not only a close friend but he was a inspiration. He gave me the best advice and was always there for me when I needed him. Even when we would argue or he would call me yelling and mad or disappointed because I did some dumb shit he would always say “Ight I love you mamas” before he hung up. The feeling of him being gone kills me. He would always be one call away. And I hate the thought that when I’m in the need to talk to him when I’m upset he won’t be here to tell me everything’s gonna be okay. Bc of that dumb Trippie and 69 shit unfortunately the last call I had with x ended with me saying “i don’t ever wanna talk to you again” and nothing is killing me right now more than that. And the crazy thing is Sunday night I had the urge to call him and I forgot. Then yesterday afternoon I plugged my phone in in the car and randomly “sad” came on then my phone buzzed i looked down and I had got the message saying he passed away. I didn’t know what to say and my mind couldn’t process it. I just couldn’t believe he was gone and I still can’t #ripxxxtentacion

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Plenty of rumors have been circulating about who shot XXXTentacion and why, but nothing concrete has been released regarding the motive. As reported by the Inquisitr, the man who is believed to have shot the rapper is currently in custody. Danielle Bregoli has not commented on the arrest or any possible motives surrounding the death, instead, she is focused on mourning her friend and asking for the violence to end.

Currently, Danielle Bregoli is in California working on a music video for one of her songs. She has a growing fan base under her stage name, something many people didn’t believe was possible. Bregoli revealed that she is going to miss calling XXXTentacion for advice and having him call her out when she does something wrong. In fact, that may have been the reason for her being upset enough to tell him she never wanted to speak to him again. Danielle Bregoli may be one of the people publicly mourning XXXTentacion, but she certainly isn’t the only to speak out about ending the violence that has impacted the music community for decades.