William DeVry Blasts Twitter Trolls, Defends Himself, Nancy Lee Grahn, & ‘General Hospital’ ‘Julexis’ Pairing

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Soap opera romantic pairings tend to build very loyal and vocal fan followings and the “Julexis” crew that supports seeing Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis together on General Hospital is a strong example. Some folks on Twitter lobbed some accusations William deVry’s way that the two GH characters are apart because doesn’t want to work with Nancy Lee Grahn anymore, and this set off something of a firestorm on social media.

Alexis and Julian have been through some very difficult times as a couple, and they are currently apart as he tests the waters with Kim Nero. Both William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn have hinted in the past that Julian and Alexis’ love story may not be over yet, but for now, Jerome is getting closer and closer to the new character Tamara Braun was brought on to play in Kim.

Earlier this week, it seems that someone tweeted about how supposedly Julexis is over because of deVry’s resistance to working with Grahn. The original tweets reflecting this line of thinking seem to be gone, but the General Hospital actor did what he could to refute those rumors that have swirled on-and-off for a while now.

DeVry tweeted that he’s never wanted Julexis to go away, and he added that he doesn’t block people because he doesn’t love the pairing of Julian with Alexis. The General Hospital star said that he never wanted Julian and Alexis’ coupling to end, but it did, and he continues to do his job. Obviously, for now, that means throwing himself into working with Braun and the pairing of Julian and Kim.

Many General Hospital fans stepped up and voiced their support for deVry, adding that they’ve loved his work with both Braun and Grahn. William tweeted that he is the first guy to publicly support the show and his co-stars, and he said that people shouldn’t take his efforts to support one co-star as a slam on another.

The popular General Hospital actor did point out in another tweet that he knows his frustrations don’t apply to all GH fans. He said he’s not lumping them all together and added that he loves them all. DeVry also tweeted that he certainly doesn’t mind that fans may prefer one pairing over the other. He said he understands that, but it looks like he just wants people to be civil about it and not make assumptions that it means he personally won’t work with one actress or another.

In response to another tweet encouraging deVry to just ignore the haters and trolls, the General Hospital actor explained that he goes “ape sh*t” when people publicly accuse him of being unwilling to work with Nancy. William said there’s “ZERO truth to that cray statement” and he is adamant that he will defend both Grahn and himself.

Is Julexis really over for good? Will viewers come around and start to accept Kilian as a couple? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are still ups and downs on the way when it comes to Julian Jerome and his relationships with Alexis Davis and Kim Nero and it’s clear that actor William deVry is going to embrace the work he’s given no matter which woman the writers decide is best for him.