‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Obrecht Looks To Settle A Score With Anna And Peter Pleads For Help From Nina

Richard ShotwellInvision/AP Images

Dr. Obrecht is still holding Peter hostage at a cabin in the woods, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’ll be ready to take her thirst for revenge one step further. Nina is still in a difficult spot when it comes to what to do regarding this captivity situation and Thursday’s episode has plenty of action on other fronts too.

The latest preview shared via the show’s Twitter page shows that Peter will still be tied up to the bed in the cabin and Nina will pay him a visit. Not only has Obrecht been threatening him and all-around scaring the daylights out of him, but he had a close and frightening encounter with a snake this week as well.

General Hospital spoilers share that Peter will holler at Nina, asking if she thinks he deserves to die, and it might be somewhat risky for him to ask her that given all that’s gone down. However, Nina has shown that she’s wavering on how far this plan should go and that she’s not as vicious as her aunt, so he obviously feels he has nothing to lose by pressuring her.

It may be that Nina will voice some openness in helping Peter, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that she’ll want something in return. She wants that flash drive, having no idea how close she was to it at the Metro Court, and she’ll be ready to demand answers. Of course, at this point, Peter doesn’t know where the drive is so there’s only so much leverage he has now.

Anna spent some intimate quality time with Finn after traveling to California to tell Robin about her surprise son, but now she’s getting back to business in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will cross paths with Obrecht during Thursday’s show, and this encounter will be tense.

Obrecht will hauntingly point out that the two of them still have their own score to settle, and everybody will have to tune in to see Anna’s response. General Hospital spoilers note that she will refuse to place blame, but the tension in this dynamic won’t be resolved quite as easily as simply saying that.

Thursday’s show will also bring more doubts from Kiki, as she worries that she might be the only one who has had issues with Bensch, and Sonny will keep trying to get answers from his father about the body from Croton. Alexis will pressure Julian to join her in some therapy and there’s a confrontation ahead between Finn and Valentin. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy developments coming ahead as the rest of June plays out and viewers will not want to miss any of the drama that’s on the way.