Jenelle Evans Throws Tantrum On Twitter After Seeing Farrah Abraham Walk The MTV Awards Red Carpet

Tiffany Bailey

Jenelle Evans has been upset with MTV because they fired her husband, David Eason, earlier this year. He was not able to film the remaining six weeks of the show with her. Evans declined to attend the Teen Mom 2 reunion in New York City back in May because Eason was not allowed to attend with her.

On Monday night, MTV aired the annual awards show. After walking the red carpet, Farrah Abraham attended the event. According to the Ashley, Jenelle Evans was upset that the former Teen Mom OG star was able to attend after being fired from the network. In past years, Abraham has attended the show so seeing her wasn't shocking to viewers. Evans was reportedly also invited to attend, but David Eason was not allowed to be there with her.

On Twitter, Jenelle Evans was throwing a tantrum about Farrah Abraham being present, and she made snide comments about her role in the adult entertainment industry. The firing of the Teen Mom OG star is a slippery slope. She wasn't exactly fired, she was made to choose between the adult entertainment industry or the MTV show. Evans' husband was actually terminated from the show, and the network issued a statement distancing themselves from him after his homophobic and transphobic rant on Twitter.

Since posting the rant on Twitter and tagging MTV, Jenelle Evans has deleted her tweets. She has been incredibly vocal about being upset that her husband can no longer participate in anything related to MTV. David Eason doesn't appear to be bothered by what happened as he continues to lash out at people on social media. Evans has not confirmed if she will sign on for another season of Teen Mom 2 at this point. She did mention how she completed her filming obligations after her interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky in North Carolina. Fans don't believe Jenelle will ever quit the show, but if she continues to bite the hand that feeds her on social media, her job may no longer be available.