‘Lucha Underground’ Season 4, Episode 2 Results, Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Makes His Debut

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Lucha Underground returned last week with Season 4 with more exciting storylines and matches, and this week’s episode brought even more surprises when a former WWE heavyweight champion made his debut. Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 2 (“Darkness and the Monster”) also featured two title matches, and of course, plenty of dramatic storylines.

Lucha Underground has become one of the most popular wrestling promotions not only because of their talented roster, but they have a unique format that is unlike any other promotion. Where many wrestling promotions tend to feel like a knockoff of the WWE, Lucha Underground has created an original brand that sets themselves apart from the others. And for fans that feel the WWE offers too much content—four-hour-long pay-per-views, over seven hours of TV programming each week, and several weekly shows on the WWE Network—Lucha Underground may feel like a breath of fresh air with their hour-long format; this shorter runtime allows for rapid action with little downtime.

This episode featured three thrilling matches and plenty of storyline drama. Wrestling Inc. provides the recap of the opening segment for “Darkness and the Monster.”

“Catrina appeared out of thin air and unveiled the case where the Gauntlet Of The Gods is supposed to be but it was missing. King Cuerno said he has hidden the Gauntlet Of The Gods because even he knows some trophies are too dangerous to display. He can’t let someone strike down the seven Aztec tribes. He said he gave it to someone for safekeeping and he doesn’t know where or when he hid it. Catrina says she needs the Gauntlet to become human again and King Cuerno says he doesn’t care about her problem.”

Trios Championship Match

Trios champions Killshot, The Mack, and Son of Havoc defended their titles against Infamous Inc. After Melissa Santos announced the members of Infamous Inc., Famous B came out to correct her and presented three new clients: Sammy Guevara, Big Bad Steve, and Jake Strong. Jake Strong is better known as Jack Swagger, a former longtime wrestler and multi-time champion of the WWE.

This match had plenty of action from beginning to end with no rest spots. All six wrestlers hit plenty of spots and Strong was solid as usual. At the end of the contest, Jake placed Killshot in the ankle lock, Killshot tapped, but the referee was distracted and didn’t see it. Moments later, Big Bad Steve would end up being on the receiving end of Son of Havoc’s shooting star press for the three-count. It looks like Jake Strong’s alignment with Famous B will be short-lived; after the match, Strong pummeled his tag team partners and placed Famous B in an ankle lock.

Gift of the Gods Ancient Aztecs Medallion Match

Antonio Cueto, father of the deceased Dario and played by the same actor, Luis Fernandez-Gil, came out to address the audience. He said that he loved his son’s concept of The Gift of the Gods, and he announced that a new process to crown a new Gift of the Gods champion would start tonight. The first ancient Aztecs medallion contest featured Drago squaring off against Dragon Azteca Jr.

If you love classic high-flying lucha libre contests, then this is a must-watch. This was largely a seesaw contest with both wrestlers exchanging moves and near falls. Drago nearly unmasked Dragon and the crowd erupted with disapproval. Azteca would end up hitting Drago with a unique leg-trap bomb from the top rope to secure the pinfall and the first ancient medallion. After the contest, Johnny Mundo (former WWE superstar John Morrison) showed up, distracted Cobra Moon, and Taya Valkyrie nailed Moon with a spear.

In the next segment, backstage, Catrina once again magically appeared out of thin air as she is stuck between Earth and the spirit world. She expressed to Antonio Cueto that she wants Fenix in a coffin, and Cueto booked a spot for next week’s Lucha Underground between Fenix and Mil Muertes in a grave consequences match.

‘Lucha Underground’ Championship Match

Pentagon Dark defended the Lucha Underground Championship against “The Monster” Matanza Cueto. For those that may not know, the masked Matanza is Jeffrey Cobb from NJPW and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. The first part of this contest took place outside the ring as the two brawled back and forth. The action would eventually spill into the ring, and the two competitors would exchange momentum and near falls. Pentagon Dark would eventually hit a flipping piledriver that was followed by a package piledriver to secure the victory and retain the championship.

Afterward, Antonio Cueto came out to collect his son, Matanza, and he called “The Monster” worthless. In the show’s final segment, Jeremiah Crane told Antonio that he wanted to be placed in next week’s grave consequences match and Antonio booked it.

Lucha Underground airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on the El Rey Network.