‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 20: Chad Is Playing By Stefano’s Rules, Will Steals Serum, Ciara Calls Home [Recap]

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives begins with a conversation between Will and Paul. The couple is talking about the article that Sonny has asked Will to write on his behalf, publishing it in the Salem Spectator. Paul is impressed with the way that Will was able to capture Sonny’s personality, especially since he has no memory of his past.

Little does Paul know, Will has been experiencing flashes of memory. Instead of confiding this to his boyfriend, he talks to Marlena about it. Will tells Marlena that he is desperate to see the rest of his past life and asks her to give him the second dose of the memory serum. When Marlena declines his request, Will does something drastic. He heads to the hospital to steal the second vial of Dr. Rolf’s serum. He succeeds in his mission and is seen hopping into the elevator, serum in hand.

Chad heads to the Kiriakis mansion to lend some support to Sonny on today’s episode of Days. They have a brief conversation regarding Ben’s sanity. Chad believes that he should have gotten rid of Ben for good as Stefano would have. It seems as if Chad is heading down a bad path, thinking that things may get better for him if he starts “playing by his father’s rules.”

Days of Our Lives viewers have seen what running a “clean company” has gotten him. Chad has lost everything and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. He’s going to do what his father would do.

Chad offers to help Sonny through the business mess that he is in. Titan needs a new CEO to come in, be a strong leader, and make the investors feel comfortable. Sonny explains that nobody in the family is up for the job. “Bottom line, we are screwed.”

“What about somebody from outside of the family to run Titan?”

During today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad offers to run Titan for the Kiriakis family.

Across town at the Salem PD, Hope is desperate to find her daughter Ciara. They now know that Ciara has crashed her bike in the middle of nowhere and her mother is terrified that something terrible has happened to her. She turns her emotions on Tripp, throwing papers at him. She blames him for Ciara’s disappearance, claiming that if he hadn’t been under the covers naked with Claire, Ciara would still be here.

Just outside of Salem, Ben comes back to the cabin armed with supplies for his stay with Ciara. He hands her a portable phone charger, but she doesn’t want to charge her phone because, if she does, it can be traced. Ciara doesn’t want to be found.

Days of Our Lives viewers have been wondering if Ben has an ulterior motive for keeping Ciara at the cabin. Ciara believes that he may be keeping her to make Hope suffer, but he disagrees with her theory. He claims he has changed.

Ciara is having a difficult time trusting him. She is afraid that he will make her a victim if she lets her guard down.

Ben opens up about his childhood. He and his sister Jordan had found a kitten when they were children. One day, the kitten went missing and their Dad tells them to check the road, where they found their beloved pet had been hit by a car.

Ben recalls that, when their father saw them standing there devastated and crying, he started laughing. Their father found it funny that his children were in pain. Ben wonders if his father’s abuse turned him into the man that he became. He admits that he didn’t know any other way at the time and he is sorry for all the pain he has caused.

He didn’t tell Ciara the story to make her feel pity for him. He simply wants someone to understand what made him the way that he was. He swears that he is no longer the monster that killed the residents of Salem.

During the last scene of today’s June 20 episode of Days, Ben hands a burner phone to Ciara. She can use it to call Hope, letting her know that she is okay, and it cannot be traced. While Hope is delegating search-related tasks to Rafe, her phone rings. Ciara calls home.

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