June 20, 2018
An 'Enthusiastic' Couple Joined The Mile High Club In Their Seats, In Front Of Passengers Who Recorded Them

A, shall we say, "enthusiastic" couple was so eager to join the Mile High Club that they did the deed right there in their seats, as a couple surreptitiously filmed them, the New York Post is reporting.

The "Mile High Club," for those not familiar with the term, is a ceremonial honor bestowed upon people who do a certain deed in an aircraft, specifically an aircraft at an altitude exceeding 5,280 feet (one mile). If you don't know what deed is being referred to here, use your imagination. HINT: commercial airlines really don't want you to "do it," and you sure as heck can't smoke a cigarette afterwords.

Kiley Tully said on Twitter that her parents were on their way to Mexico, sitting one or two rows away from the rear of the plane, when they caught the passengers in the seats behind them in the midst of the act.

"My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this........"
In the 45-second video, which you can see here, a female passenger can be seen in the throes of ecstasy while obscuring the face of the male passenger. Tully's parents seem to be cracking wise (it's difficult to understand what they're saying over the engine noise), and at one point pan the camera towards the front of the aircraft, showing the rest of the passengers blissfully unaware of what two of their fellow passengers were up to.

you're not supposed to have sex on a plane

In case you're wondering where the flight attendant was, one snarky Twitter user suggested that the woman in the video is the flight attendant. Another suggested that the man in the video is the pilot.

Other Twitter users also brought the snark.

"Flight attendant: you guys need anything? some snacks? A condom?"
Another user referenced Mexico's stunning victory over Germany in the World Cup.
"Mexico victory brings out the best in humanity."
Joking aside, to Silver Airways, the Florida-based airline on which this all took place, it's no laughing matter. In a statement, the company said it plans to get to the bottom of this.
"We are taking this very seriously and working to determine the legitimacy of the video and specific flight information."
In case you were wondering, the "Mile High Club" owes its origins, according to The Atlantic, to pilot Lawrence Burst Sperry, who invented the auto-pilot. As legend has it, during World War I, Sperry took advantage of the fact that his aircraft could fly itself to, shall we say, "impress" a woman whose husband was serving in France. Unfortunately for the two lovebirds, the plane crashed into Long Island's Great South Bay, but the two survived the crash and were pulled from the water, stark naked, a short time later. The rest, as they say, is history.