James K. Update: After Struggling On ‘My 600-LB Life,’ A Near-Death Crisis Helps James Lose Weight Again

Rudi Pijnnaken/Physical Therapy InternationalFacebook

James K. was among the largest — and most difficult — patients ever to appear on My 600-LB Life, and now fans of the show have a chance to see the weight-loss progress the formerly 800-LB man has reportedly made since leaving the show.

When he first appeared on a previous season of the TLC docu-series, James K. infuriated fans with his hesitance to jump on board with the weight-loss program and the problems he caused for his family, even though his situation was particularly dire. James was bed-bound and in near-constant pain, with his journey to Houston filled with cries of intense discomfort. As InTouch noted, things continued to get more difficult after James was featured on My 600-LB Life.

Fans who have been following James since leaving the show found out that he was rushed to a hospital early this year for a chronic liver condition. His sister, Lisa, posted an update on Facebook after James was taken to the intensive care unit.

“James is still in the ICU and yes he has been diagnosed with sepsis and also first stage cirrhosis of the liver,” she wrote, noting that his crisis was “caused from having a fatty liver, which in turn our liver kidney specialist has told us this will make it harder to lose weight and is the reason James has gained fluid in his body.”

But Lisa claimed that James has been losing weight again once doctors got his condition under control.

It was actually a medical crisis that initially sent James K. down a road of uncontrolled weight gain. As he explained in his initial episode of My 600-LB Life, James suffered a nasty fall in his 30s, when he already weighed more than 500 pounds. James said he needed to call the fire department to help him back up, and has never put weight on the leg again, so he feared that it didn’t heal properly.

Already dangerously obese, James K. gained even more weight after his leg injury, eventually topping 800 pounds, making him the largest person ever to appear on My 600-LB Life.

It was not clear how much weight James K. had lost since his recent health crisis, but fans of My 600-LB Life may have a chance to see some weight-loss pictures. The network adds some update photos on the show’s official page, and InTouch gave a possible hint of his smaller figure with a photo from his hospital bed earlier this year.