Jax Taylor Gets Monkey Namesake At Columbus Zoo

Jax Taylor has had a busy year. From the loss of his father back in December to his engagement to Brittany Cartwright recently, the Vanderpump Rules star has been doing a lot of soul-searching. Things have started to come together for Taylor, something many fans didn't see happening anytime soon.

Yesterday, Jax Taylor got a surprise from the Columbus Zoo. According to Us Weekly, the zoo announced that the latest baby monkey born is named Jax Taylor. They confirmed the little guy was named after the Vanderpump Rules star in the official announcement made on Instagram. Taylor was excited when he found out, offering to help with anything the baby monkey may need, and promising a visit to the zoo in the future.

Brittany Cartwright also chimed in on social media to mention how cute Jax Taylor the monkey is. Fellow Vanderpump Rules star, Tom Schwartz also was included in sharing the news. His friendship with Jax Taylor has been highlighted on the show as he is the most forgiving and defensive of the things his friend does whether they are right or wrong. This news was definitely something exciting for both the reality show and Taylor himself.

Naming a baby monkey after Jax Taylor didn't get as much criticism as one may have expected. He has been raked over the coals since it was revealed that he cheated on his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. As their drama unfolded on camera, Taylor took a lot of heat on social media for his choices. Things have since been rectified between the two, something that Vanderpump Rules fans had hoped would happen. Cartwright agreed to marry Jax just a few weeks ago.

Even though the name of the baby monkey was just revealed yesterday, Vanderpump Rules fans are hoping that a trip to the zoo can be woven into the show. Jax Taylor already mentioned he wanted to make a visit, and Season 7 is currently filming. A monkey namesake is definitely a different way to express being a fan, but apparently, someone at the Columbus zoo has seen an episode or two of the popular Bravo reality show.

There is plenty to look forward to where Jax Taylor is concerned. The upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules will feature the engagement, and hopefully, some hints about when the wedding will take place. For now though, fans are getting their fix by following the Jax Taylor monkey at the Columbus Zoo.