Nick Young Says ‘Everybody Needs To Do Cocaine’ After Winning First NBA Title

Lachlan CunninghamGetty Images

Nick Young is calling for the legalization of cocaine.

The Golden State Warriors player who is celebrating winning his first NBA title in 12 seasons, was stopped by TMZ Sports this week to talk about the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. However, 33-year-old Young wants the legalization of another recreational drug to be considered.

“I want people to pass cocaine,” he told TMZ in a video that appeared on the website Wednesday. “Everybody needs to do cocaine!”

In the TMZ video where Young was visibly slurring his speech, he also spoke about what he thinks LeBron James should do during the off season. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward is the most coveted player who could become a free agent this summer, and Young shared an unconventional idea for how James should maximize the opportunity.

The player who refers to himself as Swaggy P suggested that James should recruit some older retired NBA players to his team.

“I think he should stay in Cleveland. Get all of the people to Cleveland,” Young said. “Bring Shaq, Robert Horry, Dennis Rodman…bring all of the old people with them too. Everybody needs a ring man it’s crazy.”

While James has already won three NBA championships, Young is still celebrating his first which he acquired with the Warriors earlier this month. Young signed a one-year contract with the Warriors last year and has served the team as a bench player this season.

There is a good chance that the Warriors will not re-sign Swaggy P next season. Still, Young did have a few notable moments like when he averaged 16.7 points on 16-24 shooting against the Houston Rockets during the regular season which was arguably the champions toughest opponents.

When he signed with the Warriors last year, Young admitted that he had to grow through some contentious moments in his career when he played for the Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers.

“You got to grow through all of that,” Young said, according to the The Undefeated reports. “To go through what I’ve gone through, you got to just be thankful and enjoy because you see at any time this can go [away]. But now I’m playing on a championship-contending team.

It turns out Young’s year with the team was all he needed to win a championship. Before the Warriors clinched a championship earlier this month, Young predicted that an appearance on TMZ would be in order if he won an NBA title.

“I’ve been dreaming about it. I will probably be on TMZ the next day,” he told The Undefeated. “The celebration is going to be crazy for sure.”