Vomiting Virus Rapidly Spreading, CDC Warns

Dubbed the “vomiting virus,” a new strain of norovirus is sweeping the US right now — and the already unpleasant illness has presented in a new strain.

The vomiting virus outbreaks were previously reported upon by The Inquisitr as new attention has been drawn to the norovirus strain that is spreading quickly in various regions. The CDC has addressed the new strain of norovirus in a statement, in which Dr. Aron Hall, an epidemiologist at the CDC’s Division of Viral Diseases, describes the scope of the virus:

“The new strain spread rapidly across the United States from September to December 2012. The proportion of reported outbreaks caused by this strain increased dramatically from 19 percent in September to 58 percent in December.”

Called the vomiting virus due to its effect of near constant emesis and crippling nausea, sufferers are wracked not only by that symptom but unrelenting diarrhea as well. Considering the truly unpleasant experience, a new vomiting virus strain is even worse news for those exposed to high-risk populations like schools and public transport.

Vomiting virus infections can be contracted most easily through mishandled food, though the hardy norovirus in every form has been known to survive on surfaces and be transmissible even through airborne means.

Norovirus watcher Dr. Jan Vinjé, director of CaliciNet and affiliated with the CDC, told Fox News that concern often surrounds a new vomiting virus strain due to the fact that norovirus infections could (but not necessarily do) increase with the introduction of a variant into the population:

“New norovirus strains often lead to more outbreaks but not always.”

Vomiting Larry

Livescience adds:

“Fifty-one percent of outbreaks caused by the new strain were spread person to person, 20 percent were due to foodborne illness, 1 percent due to waterborne illness, and 28 percent had an unknown mode of transmission, the CDC said.”

After infection, vomiting virus sufferers can do little but wait for the illness to run its course and are urged to remain hydrated and rest while infected with norovirus.