Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Baseball Skills, Impresses A-Rod

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It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez is a huge baseball fan, but who knew she was a fan of playing the sport, too? The pop superstar, actress, and dance show judge has been a frequent fixture at pro baseball games with her famous boyfriend, but she hasn’t been seen behind the bat until now.

J-Lo’s beau, retired MLB pro Alex Rodriguez, recently posted a cute Instagram video which provides proof that the multi-talented World of Dance judge has some serious talent on the ball field. Or at least in the backyard. A-Rod posted a video of Jennifer, his girlfriend of more than a year, hitting balls during a backyard batting practice—and there was no swing and a miss for this superstar. Instead, Jenny from the Block made contact with every ball before slamming one in for a mini “grand slam.”

Rodriguez, who retired from the New York Yankees in 2016, provided his professional commentary as Jennifer Lopez hit several balls before running the invisible bases on her lush lawn.

“Nice swing,” A-Rod told the singer as she took her swings. “Holy sh*t… oh my gosh, yes! Nice job! …Nice technique!”

You can see A-Rod’s analysis of Jennifer Lopez’ backyard batting prowess below.

Launch angle by Macha @mlb @jlo

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This is not the first time A-Rod has been impressed by Jennifer Lopez’s baseball expertise. Just last week, J-Lo displayed her impressive grasp of baseball strategy when she schooled her man on the history of Billy Beane and Moneyball.

Rodriguez shared an Instagram video that shows Jennifer Lopez explaining the history of Moneyball–complete with a whiteboard- and he cut it with footage of himself explaining the same thing on Fox’s MLB pre-game show. J-Lo ended her explanation with, “And that’s what you want to say, baby.” A-Rod went on to give his better half full credit for his Fox analysis, describing Jennifer Lopez as a “baseball savant.”

“Many of you have been very gracious and complimentary about my analysis on @mlbonfox pregame shows,” A-Rod wrote. “I guess it’s time everyone learned my secret.” You can see his “secret” below.

Jennifer Lopez has long been supportive of A-Rod’s career and vice versa, but her baseball fandom isn’t just due to the fact that her boyfriend is an MLB legend.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us! @jlo ❤️

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E! News reported that when Lopez crashed Alex Rodriguez’s broadcast booth during ESPN’s coverage of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants game on opening day in March, he revealed that his girl has long been a fan of the sport.

“She’s an enormous sports fan, especially a baseball fan,” Alex said of Jennifer during the broadcast. “Her father David’s here and he grew up an enormous New York Mets fan and is thrilled to be here on opening day.”