Lauren Swanson Stuns Duggar Followers With Short Skirt While Playing Badminton

Tiffany Bailey

Lauren Swanson is almost ready to be welcomed into the Duggar family. She became engaged to Josiah Duggar earlier this year and their wedding is reportedly right around the corner. Swanson will be the newest daughter-in-law for the Duggars. It has been nearly a year since the family has had a wedding, and in just two short weeks, they will grow by one more member.

The Duggar family is known for their strict rules. Jim Bob Duggar has laid out boundaries for his children while courting. Lauren Swanson is not the first woman Josiah Duggar has courted, but she is definitely more daring than the first one. According to In Touch Weekly, Lauren Swanson was caught wearing a short skirt while playing badminton. This has Duggar fans shocked, especially because showing anything above the knee is a huge deal, and it is against the rules.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are reportedly tying the knot on June 30. There have been varying reports on the date, but it appears that the end of June seems to be the most accurate. Swanson dressing more liberal has fans wondering whether Duggar will be more lenient than his father. His sisters have ventured into wearing pants and swimsuits, which has quite the stir in the Duggar fandom.

During a recent trip to Texas with the Duggar family, Lauren Swanson also dressed a little less conservative than expected. If Josiah Duggar is the next child to rebel against his parents' rules, things could get more exciting. The next few weeks will be busy for the couple as the days to their wedding are moving fast.

With Swanson making more risque choices than some of the other members of the Duggar family, there is some concern that things will get complicated between her and Josiah's parents. She was approved of before Duggar asked her to court and marry him, but things have changed a little bit.

Having the freedom to choose what you wear is a different concept for the Duggar women. It will be interesting to see what Lauren Swanson will wear after she marries Josiah Duggar. Having a woman who is a little more outspoken marrying into the family is definitely a first.