WWE News: Sami Zayn Dealing With A Number Of Injuries, Taking Time Off From The Ring


A lot of people may feel as if Sami Zayn hasn’t been used to his full potential since heading up from NXT to the WWE main roster, and they’re likely correct. His most recent feud was with Bobby Lashley in what seemed like a thrown together program that ended with a loss for Zayn at Sunday’s Money in the Bank. Well, fans of his may be disappointed in that but they’re going to be even more upset that they won’t see him for a while.

Not that the feud he had with Lashley was anything special as it came out of nowhere and Zayn was never really built to look strong in it. Even during the build-up to Money in the Bank, he was often shown on Monday Night Raw as the goof who came up with strange things to get under Lashley’s skin. It was really weird at times and brought about some awful segments on WWE television. Perhaps, he will have a rejuvenation of sorts once he returns to the ring which hopefully won’t be too long.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Sami Zayn has actually been working through a number of injuries that are going to require him to take some time off from the ring.

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These are not new injuries for Zayn and they are likely the reason that his match against Lashley at MITB was kept rather short and was also very one-sided. Zayn really couldn’t get a lot behind any of his moves and lost in under seven minutes.

Sources close to Pro Wrestling Sheet state that Zayn is actually dealing with multiple injuries to his knee and shoulder. It is not known just how severe the injuries are, but Zayn is apparently undergoing a series of tests to see how bad they are and what necessary measures he must take to heal.

Once he gets checked out by doctors, WWE will have a better idea of how much time he’ll miss.

PW Insider pointed out that Zayn did take a number of bumps during his match at Money in the Bank, but he was protected and didn’t have a lot behind his moves. Even during the build-up for the match over the last month, the two superstars never really had a physical altercation on Raw.

Sami Zayn has wrestled through pain and injuries for a few months now, but the time has come for him to get things checked out. He will be visiting with a few doctors and the famous WWE doctor in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. James Andrews. Other than issues with his knee and shoulder, there isn’t much else known about the severity of Zayn’s injuries, but hopefully, he won’t be out for too long.