Rachel Lindsay Says Becca Kufrin Needs To Slow Down On ‘The Bachelorette’

Paul HebertABC

Rachel Lindsay knows firsthand how The Bachelorette process works, and now she has some words of advice for the show’s current leading lady, Becca Kufrin. In her weekly Bachelorette recap for Us Weekly, Rachel admitted that she is playing favorites when it comes to Becca’s suitors (spoiler alert: she likes Blake Horstmann) and she cautioned Becca about comparing everyone to Garrett Yriogen, the controversial contestant who got himself into hot water earlier this season over his past social media behavior.

In her recap, Rachel pointed to Kufrin’s glowing commentary following her alone time with Garrett, making it clear she thinks the girlfriend is already blinded by love.

“At this point, I am comparing every date to Garrett’s. He set the standard of what Becca likes. Becca left nothing to the imagination. She put it all out there with Garrett. Sis, I do hope you slow down just a bit. I am nervous that Becca is already so blindly captivated by Garrett that she won’t be able to see the essence of the other men.”

Becca’s one-on-one date with Garrett took place in Park City, Utah, where they went shopping then hit the slopes to bobsled with some former Olympians. They also wasted no time sharing their affection for one another. Kufrin even broke Bachelorette protocol (sort of) and admitted her “really, really strong feelings” toward Garret. No shock that he ended the night with a rose and frontrunner status on the ABC reality show. Kufrin went so far as to say her late father would have loved Garrett.

Of course, Becca’s remaining group of guys are quite a motley crew, so it’s not a huge surprise she’s head over heels for Garrett, who also received her first impression rose on opening night. Between the bloody boys who landed in the hospital, the self-absorbed supermodel, Jordan, and Jean Blanc, who literally told Becca he was falling in love with her then took it back when she didn’t reciprocate, the pickings are slim for The Bachelorette star.

Rachel Lindsay defended Jean Blanc, reasoning that while he was “a bit of a dirty dog” for changing his tune on Becca as he headed out the door, she believes he was just embarrassed. Rachel also wrote that she doesn’t think any of the guys, even Wills Reid, who had a perfectly pleasant date with Becca this week, have any chance against Garrett.

“Becca and Wills have a pleasant date but there was not a lot of romance. Remember, I am comparing every date to Garrett’s from here on out,” the former Bachelorette star wrote.

Take a look at Bachelorette Becca Kufrin gushing about Garrette below.

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