Emily Ratajkowski’s Bikini Selfie Shows She’s LIVINCOOL As She Flaunts Latest Skimpy Shot

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Emily Ratajkowski’s bikini selfies always get people buzzing on social media and her fans will not want to miss her latest posts. The actress, model, and swimwear designer posted a shot showcasing one of the pieces from her Inamorata line and chances are good that many will be snapping up this one if they feel they can pull off the look.

Those who follow Emily Ratajkowski solely on her personal Instagram page may have missed her latest bikini selfie. At this point, she has shared the shot only via her Insta stories, which not everybody sees and can easily miss. However, she did post the shot on her Inamorata swimwear Instagram page as well for those who want to take a look.

The ultra-revealing bikini selfie of Ratajkowski’s showed her in a sultry pose that would certainly be considered far too racy to be viewed at work or with kids around. In this latest bikini shot, Emily is wearing a white LIVINCOOL crop top along with the Neptune bikini bottoms from her Inamorata swimwear line.

While Emily’s Inamorata brand Instagram page doesn’t feature only shots of Ratajkowski in her swim pieces, it’s quite common to see some great shots of her there in addition to her own page. Another recent picture shows Ratajkowski in the Vulcan bikini and big Emily fans know that they need to follow the LIVINCOOL Instagram page for great posts of the model and actress too.

Vulcan ????

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Photographer Emanuele D’Angelo created LIVINCOOL and told Highsnobiety that he first met Ratajkowski in 2012. They became friends, and he also considers her to be his muse. While D’Angelo has taken plenty of photographs of Emily in bikinis, he’s shown that she can make a hoodie and sweatpants look sultry and sexy as well.

Even in her most casual moments, like when she was caught in Hollywood heading to Craig’s for dinner Monday night, Ratajkowski can pull off a sexy look. The Hollywood Fix caught up with Emily wearing sneakers and a black mini dress that showed off her buzzworthy legs and she definitely pulled off the casual yet sexy look without any effort.

While many of Ratajkowski’s Instagram posts are showcasing her swimsuit line and other stunning modeling shots, she did change things up a bit over the weekend. Emily shared some sweet photos showing her as a child with her father, and she wished her Papa a happy Father’s Day. All of her posts garner massive likes, and even the tribute to her father was liked by more than 300,000 followers.

What will Emily Ratajkowski’s next bikini selfie showcase to get her followers buzzing? Fans can’t wait to see what she pops up with next.