June 19, 2018
2019 Vacation Packages For Walt Disney World Now Available To Book

The summer of 2018 is really just getting underway, but many are already dreaming and thinking about the magic of their vacations for next year. On Tuesday morning, Walt Disney World unveiled their vacation packages for 2019, and it caused a massive surge to the official website as guests looked to book their trips. There are going to be a lot of new and exciting things to see at WDW, so this huge rush to book shouldn't come as a surprise.

Some people may find it hard to imagine that people are planning for vacations more than a year out, but this is Walt Disney World. With FastPass+ reservations opening at 60 days out (on property) and dining reservations opening at 180 days out, guests have to be ready to grab the things they want.

Early on Tuesday, the official website for Walt Disney World updated its booking engine to go into 2019. Before the update, guests could only book through the end of 2018 online and would have to call in for a room-only reservation next year.

Opening in just a couple of weeks will be Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it will still be a very hot ticket in 2019. At some point in the late fall of next year, though, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open and likely bring some of the biggest crowds yet.

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Danny Cox

Now, even though the 2019 vacation packages were released for United States residents on Tuesday, there are a few limitations.

At any given point, guests can only book a room up to 499 days out at Walt Disney World. That means when vacation packages were released on Tuesday, June 19, 2018, guests can book through Oct. 31, 2019, but no further.

As each day passes, guests can book another day out into 2019 until the full year is released. For those wanting to go in 2020, you will also have to abide by the 499-day rule, but you'll only be able to make room-only reservations by calling in, until next summer.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge does not have an exact opening date, but as recently reported by Inquisitr, it will be "late fall 2019" at Walt Disney World. This will be a few months after the version at Disneyland, but it's something to prepare for and get your plans in place to book once the opening date is revealed.

Walt Disney World is one of the greatest and most popular vacation destinations on Earth, and that doesn't make it surprising that people want to book things far in advance. If you're looking to head to central Florida for the magic of the Disney Parks at some point in 2019, you can now book your vacation package through Halloween and get things going with a layaway plan.