Brad Pitt is a Wonder Dad, Angie Loves Being a Mom

The “Poor Jennifer Aniston” mag covers are going to resurface now that Angelina Jolie has been talking about how awesome Brad Pitt is– again! Nope, Jennifer’s never going to escape scrutiny, boyfriend or not, with this Golden Couple out and about.

Angelina spoke with Parade recently about marriage, kids, and life, continuing the succession of potential overshares:

On Being a Mom in the Spotlight: “I’m just a mom and I’m very grounded by my family. I’m very happy, and I’m so lucky. The world can like me, hate me, fall apart around me, and at least, you know, I wake up with my little kids and I’m happy.”

On Flying To/From Europe and Brad’s Parenting: “Brad took care of things. He just said, ‘Go back to sleep, you have to work tomorrow,’ and then went to the living room with the kids. He’s an amazing father: totally devoted.”

On Twin Cuteness: “We’re exhausted a lot, because it’s twice as hard with two babies than with one,” she says. “But it’s twice as much fun, too. When you look at them, it’s like they were made for each other. They smile at each other, sniff each other, touch each other. It’s just beautiful. They’re totally sweet. They already have completely different personalities. Knox is more the quiet one, very relaxed, while Viv is a little more aggressive and loud.”

For someone who values her privacy, she sure fools me sometimes.