‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 18 Recap: Sonny Sparks Will’s Memory, Lani’s Baby In Danger, Ciara Stays With Ben

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At the beginning of today’s June 18 episode of Days of our Lives, Paul is explaining to Sonny about Will’s memories. He is not necessarily concerned about Will remembering his life with Sonny. If they belong together, Will’s memories won’t change their relationship.

Days viewers know that Sonny has been having some legal issues after Leo accused him of sexual assault. Sonny needs the help of Paul’s detective skills. He wants him to check out Leo’s background for something that they can use in court. Paul agrees to take the job and be his friend, lending support whenever he can. Paul wishes Sonny nothing but happiness.

Will offers any other help that he can possibly give, besides simply being a witness in court. Sonny asks if Will can interview him for the Salem Spectator. He wishes to tell his side of the story since everyone continues to look at him like he is a predator. Sonny ended up in this mess because he wanted to believe that Leo cared and, as a result, became vulnerable. Will does agree to interview Sonny and publish an article on his behalf.

As Will is talking to Sonny about friendship and support, something that Sonny says sparks a memory for Will. Although he flashed back to a genuine scene from his past life, he decides not to tell Sonny about his trip down memory lane. He will save that for another episode of Days of our Lives.

On the other side of Salem, Hope and her team are still looking for Ciara. They manage to track her cell phone to the spot where she crashed the motorcycle. With the help of Eli and Rafe, Hope knows that Ciara isn’t at that location. They have scoured the woods and found no sign of her or her phone. Rafe does, however, find a boot print in the oil. They now know that someone has found her. What they don’t know is who.

On recent episodes of Days, viewers watched as Ben took Ciara back to the cabin in the woods. He gained her trust and was able to set the bone of her broken leg. Ciara told Ben about finding Tripp and Claire naked under the blankets together, confiding in him about the pain and betrayal she feels.

“It’s not your fault for picking a cheater.”

On today’s episode of Days of our Lives, Ben admits to Ciara that he understands how she feels. He felt the same way when he found Abby cheating on him with Chad. He offers Ciara some advice. He wouldn’t recommend going down the same road he did. He suggests that she not let the hurt and anger fester. She needs to let the anger go before it kills her. Ciara doesn’t want to go home. She chooses to stay at the cabin with Ben.

Ben tells Ciara that when he was released from the mental institution, he was filled with hope. He headed to Salem to make amends, but they didn’t want anything to do with him. He is, in a way, thankful that they threw him out of town. He otherwise wouldn’t have found Ciara dying in the road. He heads out of the cabin to find some supplies, promising that nobody will see him.

JJ and Lani are at the Brady Pub when Lani begins to experience pain and bleeding. Concerned about the baby, JJ takes her to the hospital. At the hospital, Kayla informs Lani that she is in labor and gives her some medication to try to stop her contractions. JJ calls Eli before he tries to comfort Lani. He tells her that he will be strong for her. JJ holds Lani’s hand to let her know that she is not alone.

The Days of our Lives episode for June 18 ends when Kayla enters the hospital room to tell Lani that, although it isn’t ideal, she needs to deliver the baby now. It is the best chance they have of saving both mother and child.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.