Tommy Lee Trashes His Children On Father’s Day, Brandon Lee Returns The Favor

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Father’s Day is usually a time for kids and their fathers to reconnect and enjoy time with one another — but not if you’re Brandon and Tommy Lee.

According to The Daily Mail, Tommy Lee, who has two children from his marriage to Pamela Anderson, is far from what one would call a loving dad.

While most fathers took to their Instagram pages to celebrate their own fathers, and to thank their children for making them fathers, the former Motley Crue drummer took to his Instagram page to tell his millions of fans that, while he loved his father and appreciated all the lessons he taught him, his two sons, Brandon and Dylan, were “a–holes.”

Happy Father’s Day fellas! I’m not gonna sit here and post some fluffed up bullshit for the public to read.... I’m gonna be honest- Being a father ain’t easy! I’m so tired of the fake shit I keep seeing all over IG... let’s get real: It’s a rollercoaster ok? My father taught me to respect everyone and everything and to take care of those that I loved. He taught me to appreciate my possessions, and to be grateful for the things I was given. I’ve fucked up at times but I’ve always bounced back. When I had a child, my first child, I wanted to instill those same virtues into him. Sometimes I feel like I failed as a father, because my kids don’t know the value of things. If they break something, they don’t care because they know they’ll just get a new one, if they hurt someone, they don’t care because so many people tell them it’s OK. I never wanted this for my kids. I know I’m not fully to blame, because their mom has a lot to do with it, enabling bad behavior and buying them things when they weren’t good, but I guess I hoped at the end of the day they would end up kind. I love them dearly, don’t get me wrong, but man, sometimes it’s really tough to watch your kids grow up without those morals. Nothing can really prepare you for fatherhood .... I love my boys but they can be assholes too...and that’s the truth (Cue Honest Guy music)

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That, obviously, didn’t sit well with Brandon, who took to Instagram to share a less-than-complimentary post of his own about Daddy Dearest.

Look a little sleepy there Tommy. ????

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Brandon first posted a video of Tommy Lee passed out in his underwear, with the caption “looking a little sleepy there, Tommy.”

He then responded directly to his father’s Instagram tirade with a reflection of his own.

“You’ve got to show up to be a dad, big guy,” wrote Brandon. “If you think we’re so bad (which I can assure you we are not) then you should have showed up to a few more BDays and baseball games. Someone like you couldn’t raise a man like me.”

He then closed out his reflection with a warning to Tommy Lee to knock it off, or get knocked out again.

Brandon, of course, is referring to the much-publicized altercation between himself and his father, which happened in March of this year. Brandon punched his father in the face, giving him a swollen lip, and knocking his lights out.

At that time, the Los Angeles County District Attorney rejected a criminal case against Brandon Lee because Tommy Lee stopped cooperating, despite initially promising to cooperate.

Initially, according to Tommy, the two came to blows because Tommy Lee got upset that Pamela Anderson talked about his 1998 arrest and incarceration for assault in an interview with Piers Morgan.

Tommy snarled on Twitter that Pamela “calls him every day” and “begs for him to come back.”

Brandon, however, claims that he and his father got into the fight because his father is an alcoholic.

There was some sign of reconciliation between the two, earlier in the year — with Brandon saying that he “loves his father,” in reference to Tommy Lee — but thanks to this incident, that all seems to be a thing of the past, sadly.