‘Catwoman’ Jocelyn Wildenstein Accused Of Stiffing Jewelry Store Out Of $250,000

Grant Lamos IVGetty Images

“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein is at it again and running into financial difficulties. This time, the law is getting involved. Wildenstein who is trying to file for bankruptcy has now misplaced jewelry she hasn’t paid for.

RadarOnline says that Regal Jewelry and Gift Shop gave Wildenstein $250k worth of jewels in exchange for post-dated checks totaling the full amount. But after the first check bounced, the store demanded that the jewelry is returned. The set that Wildenstein received with diamonds and emeralds was a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and a ring.

But the woman dubbed “Catwoman” says that she doesn’t know where the jewels are at this time, and she would ask her fiance Lloyd Klein. But Klein has not commented, and Regal has now added its name to the list of creditors on Wildenstein’s bankruptcy case.

Just last month, Jocelyn Wildenstein filed her bankruptcy paperwork. According to PageSix, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, she claimed that despite living in a Trump World Tower condominium, she was living on $900 a month which she receives from Social Security. This is puzzling a lot of people who know Wildenstein because she received $2 billion in a divorce settlement in 1999 from her former husband, Alec Wildenstein. Wildenstein says that her bank account is empty, and she is relying heavily on friends to get along.

“I am not employed and my only income is Social Security. I often turn to friends and family in order to pay my ongoing expenses.”

Wildenstein’s list of creditors is growing, and if she liquidated the items she owns, it would not cover her debts.

Jocelyn Wildenstein even owns the state of New York $4 million in back property taxes. Lawyers for Wildenstein say that based on bad decisions, their client now owes an auto finance company $38k for a 2006 Bentley that is now only worth at most $35k. She also owes a storage company $700k for items that are worth a fraction of that.

Wildenstein, 77 became engaged to Lloyd Klein, 50, last year after she allegedly attacked him, leaving him bloody right after his chemotherapy treatments. Klein’s friends expressed concern that he was carrying her, and that Wildenstein was too dependent.

“The reality is that Lloyd has been carrying this woman for some time now. She faces financial ruin and wants to destroy everything in her wake — including Lloyd.”

Lloyd Klein is a clothing designer, but it’s unclear what role he is playing in Jocelyn Wildenstein’s future financial affairs. The two haven’t announced a wedding date at this time.