New York Under Heat Advisory, Residents Warned To Stay Inside As Temperatures Top 95 Degrees

New Yorkers have been advised to keep cool on Monday, as the National Weather Service announced that the temperature would likely hit as high as 93 degrees with high humidity. Monday’s heat wave comes after a two-day wave swept through the city on Sunday, with the temperature hitting as high as 92 degrees.

While the NWS has noted that Monday’s temperature would be around 93 degrees, meteorologist Brian Ciemniecki stated that conditions such as high humidity would likely make it feel even hotter for the city’s residents.

“Added with the dew points, it will feel like a maximum around 95 degrees or so,” he said, according to an amNY report.

Ciemniecki stated that overall, it would be best for New Yorkers to be vigilant about keeping themselves safe and hydrated on the upcoming, incredibly hot Monday. The NWS meteorologist further noted that it would be best to avoid alcohol and limit outdoor activities such as running, and sports like football during the day.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called on the city’s residents to keep safe and vigilant in the midst of Monday’s impending heat wave as well. Gov. Cuomo also noted that New Yorkers should keep an eye on the city’s most vulnerable residents, such as young children, the elderly, as well as residents who are suffering from chronic illness.

“As temperatures continue to rise, I encourage everyone to check on your friends and neighbors who may need some extra help, and to cool off at state parks pools and cooling centers,” the NY mayor said in a statement, according to The Daily Mail.

amNY also noted that New York’s Office of Emergency Management would monitor the NWS’ forecasts and activate the cooling centers at libraries, NYCHA developments, and other key locations as necessary. According to the Office of Emergency Management, cooling systems will be activated if the heat index rises to 100 for one day or 95 for two consecutive days. An air quality alert was already issued for the Big Apple on Sunday.

It’s not just New York that is set to feel the heat. In Jersey City alone, public schools have announced that they will be closing their doors early due to “excessive heat.” Just like New York, temperatures in Jersey City are also expected to rise well into the 90s.

Monday’s heat wave is not expected to last, however. According to the NWS, Tuesday will immediately see a drop in temperature with an estimated peak of 88 degrees. Wednesday will be even better, with temperatures expected to hit only the high 70s.