Zendaya Thinks That She Looked Like A Sweet Snack At The 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards, And Tom Holland Agrees

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Zendaya believes that she looked good enough to eat on the red carpet at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards. Not everyone agreed with her assessment of her unique outfit, but Tom Holland was one of its biggest fans.

On Saturday, Zendaya took to Instagram to share a photo of the structured, chocolate-covered dress that she wore to the MTV Movie and TV Awards. The backless leather dress featured a bell-shaped skirt that made it stand out on the red carpet, and the fashion police had a field day coming up with different items to compare it to. Bustle wrote that the 21-year-old actress’s outfit looked like “a super chic umbrella,” but it was her Instagram followers who got really creative with their comparisons.

One fan remarked that her dress resembled “a chocolate muffin,” while another suggested that it made her look like “a little teapot.” Other comparisons included a mushroom, parachute, acorn, and lamp shade. However, the general consensus was that Zendaya resembled a sweet snack like a chocolate ice cream cone, caramel apple, or chocolate bonbon.

Zendaya agreed with those who thought that she looked like a tasty chocolate treat, but she came up with her own creative way to describe her outfit.

“Lookin like a fine a** unwrapped, caramel filled Hershey’s kiss,” she wrote.

Zendaya Wears A 'Hershey Kiss' Dress To The 2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards
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According to the International Business Times, Zendaya’s outfit was designed by August Getty Atelier, and it’s officially called “the Archival Teacup Dress.” As reported by Footwear News, she completed her red carpet look with a pair of matching Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pumps and large disc earrings by Paula Mendoza. Zendaya shared a second Instagram photo that gave fans a closer look at her statement jewelry, but it didn’t include a creative description of her bold accessories.

“I’ve out-captioned myself, I won’t be able to live up to the last one,” she wrote.

I’ve out-captioned myself, I won’t be able to live up to the last one

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According to Hollywood Life, Zendaya did not make her rumored relationship with her Spider-Man Homecoming co-star Tom Holland red carpet official by attending the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards with him. However, Tom did take to Instagram to share his thoughts about Zendaya’s dress.

“Issa look,” he wrote of the outfit, throwing in a raised hands emoji for good measure.

Tom Holland wasn’t the only famous Zendaya fan who took to social media to openly show his admiration for the K.C. Undercover star. As reported by MTV News, Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp didn’t get to meet his idol at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, but he was thrilled when she later acknowledged his existence on Twitter.

The 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards will air Monday, June 18, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.