Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Be Proud Of What Donald Trump’s Done For Minorities, Steve Bannon Claims

Sean GallupGetty Images

News stations are talking as Steve Bannon made the rounds on Sunday morning. What has people buzzing the most, however, are Steve Bannon’s comments regarding Martin Luther King Jr. and Donald Trump.

According to Mother Jones, Steve Bannon remarked that Martin Luther King Jr. “would be proud about the work that Donald Trump has done for the Black and Hispanic working class.” Those comments from Steve Bannon came while he was a guest on ABC’s This Week. Steve Bannon definitely raised some eyebrows, as well as a few concerns.

Among the curious about Bannon’s comments was ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Jonathan Karl, who conducted the exclusive interview with Steve Bannon quickly offered a rebuttal to those claims. Karl quipped that there would be a lot of civil rights leaders who would view things differently with Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon did not waver with his words. Bannon did, however, explain his comments.

“We have all-time low unemployment among blacks in this country and 20-year low among Hispanics. The black working class and Hispanic working class are now getting the benefits of border security and economic nationalism.”

There are several people who would disagree with Steve Bannon, not just civil rights leaders. Steve Bannon’s claims that President Donald Trump has aided in the lowest unemployment rates among minorities is accurate.

Although most people will point out that the unemployment rates within minorities were diminishing under then-president Barak Obama, Donald Trump is getting a lot of credit from Steve Bannon and others for it. It is a justifiable assertion that President Donald Trump could be responsible for the decline in unemployment, yet it still is not a huge thing for him to hang his hat on in the eyes of some.

Steve Bannon’s notion about Martin Luther King Jr. being proud of Donald Trump for the job growth amongst minorities could be viewed as skewed. Many of the numbers regarding job opportunities do not reflect what Steve Bannon and Donald Trump have bragged about in recent months.

According to a 2017 study conducted by Fortune Magazine, of the 16 Fortune 500 companies that offer transparency in their hiring practices, white men make up a whopping 72 percent of the leadership. Also, seven out of 10 senior executives are white males.

There is diversity in lower level positions. However, jobs opportunities at the top are few and far between. It is a stark contrast to Steve Bannon’s assertion about why Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud.

What the unemployment rates include are minimum wage jobs that minorities have. Steve Bannon and Donald Trump will not admit how the lack of diversity statistics at the top would show a reverse effect when it comes to low wage jobs.

While Martin Luther King Jr. may be proud that minorities are working, he would speak about his disappointment with the lack of diversity at the top of the food chain. That is a fact Steve Bannon comfortably omits.