‘Unfit’ Donald Trump Told Woman Psychologist: ‘I Wouldn’t Let You Suck My D***!’ ‘New York Post’ Reports

A clinical psychologist who says she has a “duty to warn” the public that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to hold office, recounted an incident in 1992 in which Trump, without provocation, insulted her appearance in a crude and profane manner, according to a report Saturday by Trump’s hometown newspaper The New York Post — a paper owned by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whom The New York Times calls a close ally of Trump.

Suzanne Lachmann, a New York psychologist who works with the city’s firefighters dealing with traumatic stress, authored a Psychology Today article last year, in which she argued that based on her judgment of his public statements and actions, Trump’s “distorted thinking, disorganized conduct, and erratic, impulsive behavior, combined with his fixation on his own importance directly imperils our safety as citizens of the United States and he must be removed from the line of duty.”

The article was published in March of 2017, but the Post, as well as Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper, have just reported on Lachmann’s claims this weekend. And those claims do not stop with her assessment of Trump’s public and well-documented behavior. In the article, Lachmann also details her own personal experience with Trump, which she says occurred at a charity fashion show in 1992, not long after Trump had divorced the first of his three wives, Ivana Trump.

“His behaviors in this social setting were indicative of a person who deemed himself superior to others,” Lachmann wrote. “I was volunteering that evening and later approached him in order to introduce myself, and he said, “Why would I want to talk to you? I wouldn’t even let you suck my d***. Look at all the beautiful women here. Don’t waste my time.”

On Saturday, Lachmann responded to the Post article on her Twitter account, writing, “you bet I believe and KNOW that he is #UnfitForOffice #UnfitToBePresident and now The Post does too.”

Lachmann’s biography on her website decsribes her as “a New York State licensed clinical psychologist with offices in Manhattan and Westchester, NY. She earned her Doctorate from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. Her work has been featured in USA Today, Time, Cosmo, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and elsewhere.”

Lachmann’s allegation of Trump’s crude and offensive insult toward her dates from an era when, according to accounts women who have made serious allegations of sexual misconduct against him, Trump appears to have been particularly aggressive in his mistreatment of women, as The Guardian recounted in a compilation of all 20 sexual assault or harassment allegations made against Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Seven of those 20 incidents are alleged to have occurred in the 1990s, such as account from the early 1990s — around the same period that Trump would have made his crude remark to Lachmann — from photographer Kristin Anderson, who says that Trump sat next to her in a fashionable New York nightclub and without speaking or even looking at her, reached his hand under her miniskirt and touched her genitalia. Read The Inquisitr account of that incident at the previous link.

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Donald Trump as he appeared in 1992, around the time he allegedly made a crude insult toward a New York psychologist.

Under the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution, a president who is deemed mentally or physically unfit to hold office may be stripped of his powers by an act of Congress or even in the case of an emergency situation, by members of his own cabinet, as The Inquisitr explained in an article last year.

“As a mental health expert — clinical psychologist — based in #nyc consultant for #FDNY who helps determine who must be taken off line due to mental duress, have met trump personally and had direct interaction w him I say w certainty that he is #UnfitForOffice #UnfitToBePresident,” Lachmann wrote on her Twitter account last week.