‘Incredibles 2’ Headed For Record-Breaking $180 Million Premiere Weekend

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Incredibles 2 is Disney’s latest movie released, and the animated movie about a family of superheroes is barreling toward a $180 million debut weekend. That figure would put the film not only in the top spot for an animated film’s debut weekend but it would also land it in the top 10 opening weekends for any film according to The Wrap. The previous record holder in that category was also a Disney film, Finding Dory, which had $135 million in sales in its first weekend. Chances are also looking good for this to be Disney’s fourth film in seven months to earn over $600 in domestic box office sales. The good news for the sequel to Disney’s 2004 feature film continues when compared to Marvel superhero movies that are currently in theaters. Opening weekend figures for Incredibles 2 are higher than the debut weekends for Iron Man 3 or Captain America: Civil War.

Forbes cites the reason for the raging success of the new Pixar movie as the appeal it has to a wide range of movie fans. As an animated film, it appeals to children, but the fact that it’s about superheroes appeal to a larger audience of superhero fans. The fact that it’s about a family makes it a great draw for… well… families. Even if Incredibles 2 doesn’t quite reach $180 million this weekend, it has already set a record for opening day sales for an animation film. That record is also currently held by Finding Dory which brought in $54 million in 2016. Incredibles 2 had opening day sales of $71.5 million.

Incredibles 2 is already a hit no matter how you measure it. Even compared to its predecessor, The Incredibles, it’s performance so far has been jaw-dropping. In its first weekend, the sequel film has already earned 68 percent of what the first installment of the series earned. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 94 percent rating, and Metacritic awarded it with an 80. Forbes also notes that Disney didn’t make a mistake sometimes seen in promotions leading up to the release of a movie. They didn’t show all the best scenes and lines in trailers. So to see the best parts of this movie, viewers will have to purchase a ticket at the theater.

As noted by Yahoo! Finance, this is good news to Disney who recently learned they will be losing their chief creative officer of animation in December. John Lasseter was the creative force behind hits Frozen and Finding Nemo. Before being put on leave because of complaints about inappropriate touching and comments, Lasseter worked as executive producer for Incredibles 2.