Some Theaters Issuing Strobe Warning For ‘Incredibles 2’ For Flashing Sequences


The box office is being punched in the face during this early summer weekend and it is once again by Pixar and Disney. Incredibles 2 is bringing in tons of money and it is expected to shatter a bunch of records by the time all is said and done, but there is one thing that may hinder sales a little bit. Warning signs are popping up in some theaters to let movie-goers know that the sequel has moments of flashing lights and strobes which cause problems for those with epilepsy.

The entire family is back for this sequel which comes 14 years after the original and they have a new enemy standing in their path. Screenslaver is the antagonist in Incredibles 2 and the villain has the power to overtake someone’s mind by hypnotizing them with special glasses and different images.

Please note that there are no spoilers in this article and it is safe to read even if you haven’t yet seen the film.

Well, the evil powers of the villain are actually causing some problems for those who simply head to the theater to watch Incredibles 2. Screenslaver’s powers are sometimes used with flashing strobe light effects which fill the screen and can be quite overpowering for anyone who is watching the movie.

As this has been brought more and more to the attention of those in charge of movie theaters, warnings have started being placed in the lobbies of some as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

It is expected that all theaters will now post warnings in the lobbies or outside of the theaters showing Incredibles 2. These warnings are to advise viewers that there are some very strong scenes which include flashing lights and could cause problems for those with some medical conditions.

On social media, some are campaigning to have warnings actually added before the showing of the film to make sure everyone knows of the situation.

While there are a few short (5-30 second) scenes with flashing lights, there is one in Incredibles 2 that stands out above all others.

At one point, Elastigirl confronts Screenslaver and has a bit of a back-and-forth fight with the villain in the evil hideout. That is when Screenslaver brings forth a series of flashing lights that fill the entire screen for almost a full two minutes, and it is something that is quite overpowering and strong on anyone’s eyes.

For those with a medical condition such as epilepsy or someone who may suffer from seizures, this scene could certainly be a problem.

Incredibles 2 is going to be another smashing success for Disney and Pixar without any kind of worry as it is already beating up the box office in its opening weekend. The scene which could trigger seizures or bother those with epilepsy is not going to hurt anything for the company as it is far from the first film to have that, but a warning is necessary. Theaters are taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being of its patrons, so, just be aware of the situation at hand before heading to the movies.