Nicki Minaj Critic Jerome Trammel Is Suing The Rapper For Cyberbullying After Her Fans Issue Death Threats

Christine Thomasos

A Nicki Minaj critic is accusing the rapper of rallying her fans to threaten and harass him. Now, Jerome Trammel is rallying his own support to take legal action against her.

Trammel, a pop culture commentator, has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $15,000 in lawyer fees. According to Trammel, he is planning to sue for crimes that include cyberbullying, mass harassment, doxxing, making threats and more.

The issue between Trammel and Minaj started when he decided to critique her latest interview with Elle Magazine.

In the interview, Minaj spoke out against "modern day prostitutes" that she sees on social media. The rapper said it makes her sad to see that some of those women don't know their worth and that she may have contributed to that mindset with her music or image.

Trammel took to Twitter on Friday to accuse Minaj of being a hypocrite and shaming women with her latest interview. He included screenshots of some promiscuous song lyrics that Minaj has used over the course of her career.

"Had [you] read the article, I was critiquing MYSELF more than ANYTHING," she tweeted. "What I SAID was: I HOPE my overt sexual [LYRICS AND] PHOTOS don't make my fans THINK that I'm telling them to be promiscuous & to know their worth!"

However, she didn't stop there. In a now-removed tweet, Minaj encouraged her fans known as "barbz" to "go beat that n**ga like he stole [something]."

Since then, her fans have shared Trammel's address, phone number on Twitter. On his GoFundMe page, the commentator said he is concerned for his safety after some of those fans have threatened to kill him.

"... [Nicki Minaj] inciting this bullying and violence led to me receiving THOUSANDS of messages [and] comments telling me to kill myself, hang myself, die, [and] that they will beat me up and kill me," Trammel wrote on GoFundMe. "...I will NOT be bullied into silence and I want to show people around the world, ways to stand up for yourself and NOT tolerating harassment and bullying of any kind."

According to Trammel, he is raising money on the platform because lawyer fees are $15,000 and he cannot afford to "fight this case alone." While Minaj never publicly threatened Trammel, he is accusing her of being the person that incited her fans to make the violent threats against him.