Florida Woman Accused Of Shooting Husband In The Genitals After He Tried To Sell Their Air Conditioner


Kimberly Dunn doesn’t mess with the Florida heat, allegedly.

The Lake City woman is behind bars on charges that she shot her estranged husband in the genitals when he tried to sell their air conditioner. As ABC 11 reported, the shooting came after a fight with the man and his brother, leaving the soon-to-be ex-husband in serious condition.

The incident actually took place in the fall of 2017, but Dunn was just picked up this week on charges that she failed to show up to jail for an unrelated charge. Police said Dunn’s estranged husband and his brother came to the home the couple once shared with plans to pick up the air conditioner and sell it. But Dunn refused, even sitting on the AC unit so the men could not take it.

The fight escalated from there, with Dunn allegedly pulling a stun gun and eventually wielding her pink handgun. As CBS 47 in Jacksonville reported, the woman was then struck and fell off the air conditioning unit, and as she was getting back up she shot the estranged husband in the testicles. The man’s brother then choked Dunn until she blacked out and took his wounded brother to the hospital.

Dunn was arrested later that day without incident. She told police that she didn’t mean to fire the gun, and was only using it to try to scare the men away.

This is not the first time a Florida woman has been accused of shooting her husband under bizarre circumstances. Just three weeks ago, police in Jacksonville arrested Lawanda Brown and accused her of shooting her husband in the back of the head after he asked her to perform a Google search in a tone she didn’t like. As News 4 Jax reported, the situation then escalated very quickly and ended with Brown allegedly shooting her husband, a prominent local businessman.

As police noted, the exact circumstances of the shooting were not clear.

“She said it was all a blur as the victim started walking out of the loft prior to being shot,” said a news release provided by the local police department.

Tony Brown was shot in the head and rushed to a hospital, while Lawanda Brown was booked on a charge of attempted murder and held in jail on $500,000 bond.

Kimberly Dunn was taken to the Columbia County Jail, where she also faces felony larceny and contempt of court charges. She was not given bond.