Jessa Duggar Shares Her Own Challenges Of Motherhood, Encourages Other Moms With Young Kids

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Many people may look down on the way Jessa Duggar raises her kids, and she is more than likely aware of the comments made on her social media accounts. However, the negativity that has come her way doesn’t seem to stop her from continuing to share her life as a mom of two small boys.

The Counting On star took to her Instagram account recently to post a sweet photo of 1-year-old Henry Seewald in what looks to be a “falling asleep standing up” pose. His mom chose this time to share her thoughts on the challenges that she faces with both Spurgeon and Henry.

The little guy was falling asleep on his own with a toy airplane in his hand. Jessa explained the difference between his sleeping habits compared to his big brother, Spurgeon. Apparently, her firstborn is an easy kid when it comes to sleep. She said that Spurgeon actually asks to go take a nap complete with the lights off and the door shut. He means business when it comes to snoozing.

Henry, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to get him to sleep. The Duggar daughter explained that the only way that she and husband Ben Seewald can get any sleep is if she nurses him every time he naps and at night. That is her method of dealing with this challenge of motherhood. As if knowing that there will be some who will slam her for doing it that way, Jessa went on to say that she is okay with what other moms choose to do.

“Everyone has their own method that works for them, and I do not look down on other approaches. Some do sleep training, some let them cry I out. But for us, this is what we’ve chosen. Motherhood is hard work. When you have two toddlers close in age, there are so many joys, and equally as many challenges… and you learn to choose your battles.”

The mom-of-two expressed how much she will miss the needy years when her babies become more independent. She wants to cherish the moments now while she can. Her post received many comments from moms who were praising her words and found that this was just the encouragement they needed with their own little ones.

The day before, Jessa Duggar took to social media to explain the argument between her boys over a toy truck. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Henry got hit in the head when Spurgeon took the toy away from him. A few comments that were written had chastised her for the way she handled the situation.

The Duggar family will be back with another season of Counting On, premiering on July 30 on TLC. You will be able to see how Ben and Jessa deal with their two young boys, and maybe even get more info on whether they will be adopting anytime soon.