‘Drunk History’ Season 5 Debuts This Week With Familiar Faces

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Fans of Drunk History have been desperately awaiting Season 5 of the cult favorite, which combines throwing back drinks with educational information. Are the presenters inebriated? Sure, but the information is factual. As Austin360 says, “the words might be slurred, but the facts are accurate.”

Show creator Derek Waters says the new season will debut on June 19, and will include new topics like John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and a segment about John Muir, the father of the National Park System, plus a new “Drunk Mystery.” Waters adds that guests will include Jack Black, Seth Rogen, and Weird Al Yankovic.

Recently at the ATX TV Fest, Waters shared the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of Drunk History, and how guests prepare. The historical information is compiled and vetted by production and passed along to the guest in advance in a packet to study ahead of the drinking. Waters shared that the narrators do not get the job done in one take, as they do a sober take, a tipsy take, and then a drunk take.

Though none of the guests have vomited on set since the show moved to television (Drunk History was first a web show), there is still a medic on set with a breathalyzer on hand. Waters also provides a rehydrating solution for his guests.

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Waters continued his description by saying that the guest narrator does their job first, and the reenactment is done later in one day. Jack McBrayer says it’s a lot of fun to do the reenactments for Drunk History.

“It’s easy and fun and silly, like being a kid.”

Waters says that the show’s low budget adds to the fun and creativity of Drunk History.

“I don’t think the show would be good with a lot of money. If it doesn’t look homemade and a little off it would be just a history show.”

Derek Waters was asked who his dream guest would be, and rather than lean heavily on comedy, Derek says his perfect guest comes from the world of history.

“Secretly it’s a history show. Drinking is the only reason it’s on a comedy network. I would like Ken Burns to get drunk with me.”

And if you were ever wondering what is the perfect social lubricant for an episode of Drunk History, Waters has a theory.

“Wine makes you sleepy, beer makes you whine about your lost loves. Bourbon does what the show needs, which is making you think you’re smarter than everyone else.”

Drunk History is on Comedy Central and the new season debuts on June 19.