Lala Kent’s Boyfriend, Randall Emmett, Reveals Why He Will Probably Never Appear On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Manny CarabelGetty Images

Vanderpump Rules fans shouldn’t expect to see Lala Kent’s man on the Bravo reality show any time soon—or ever. Randall Emmett, Lala’s long-secret movie producer boyfriend, has revealed that he will probably never appear on the hit show, and it seems to be for one simple reason: He always wants Lala to be the star in their relationship.

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Randall whose movie production company just released the film Gotti, revealed that he loves Lala and plans to be with her forever. But the wealthy film producer has no plans to take the couple’s relationship in front of the camera on Vanderpump Rules.

“You know, she’s the star,” Emmett told Us of Lala. “I want her to always be the star. I want to … I’m not good here. Let her be the star, and I’ll always be behind the scenes.”

When asked if the couple would even consider a spinoff reality series about their relationship, Lala Kent shut that idea down immediately.

“Never!” the Vanderpump Rules star said. “You know, I like my relationship a lot. So, I’m gonna protect it. This isn’t this for the public. This is just for us to enjoy the two of us and not have outside influences.”

Lala Kent kept her relationship with Randall Emmett private for a long time, even as her Vanderpump Rules co-stars speculated on the identity of her man. Kent only recently revealed Randall’s name to fans during the Vanderpump Rules reunion. Since that time, Lala has started sharing pictures of Randall on social media, and there’s no denying they are a committed couple.

While Lala Kent is best known as a reality star, her boyfriend of two years has a lot of faith in her abilities as an actress. Lala was recently announced as the star of an upcoming Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films horror movie, The Row. But Randall Emmett told E! News that Lala is more than just his leading lady.

“People don’t realize what a good actress she is,” Emmett explained to E! News. “She’s done a couple projects that not a lot of people know so when those come out in the fall, I think people are going to be blown away because she’s not just a reality star. She really is an actress at heart and I think people are going to be really surprised.”

Lala Kent also revealed that while she really likes reality TV, she also enjoys diving into Randall Emmett’s world, which she described as “much more calm and fun” than her crazy life.

“I grew up in the arts,” Lala explained at the Gotti premiere. “I moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. I came to reality TV and to be able to be in films and be alongside the love of my life whenever he does something great like this, I’m happy. I’m living the dream.”

Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo for Season 7 next year.