Cardi B Shows Off Her Bare Backside And Baby Bump In Racy 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Tiffany Bailey

Cardi B has been flaunting her baby bump ever since April when she announced she was expecting while on Saturday Night Live. It wasn't a shock, especially given that rumors were circulating for weeks before she decided to debut her growing baby bump. With the upcoming arrival of her baby in sight, Cardi B has decided to flaunt her body a little more during her latest endeavor.

The new issue of Rolling Stone drops July 2, and it features Cardi B and Offset gracing the cover. According to Cosmopolitan, the cover featuring the lovebirds is iconic. That is likely depending on who you ask, but with the release of the photo, there are definitely some fans excited about Cardi B baring her bottom and her baby bump at the same time. Expecting something above and beyond from Cardi B is definitely within the realm of possibilities, especially when putting her baby bump on display.

Things appear to be going well for Cardi B and Offset. The two are appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone together. He is kissing her baby bump as she stands there showing off her killer body. Both parties appear to be ready to take things to the next level and are excited to begin a new chapter as they welcome their first child. Their story of falling in love will be featured in the magazine, which is exactly why the cover is perfect for what is happening in their life right now.

Rolling Stone will drop the issue on July 2 which could be perfectly timed for Cardi B and Offset to welcome their new addition. Her fans are ready to pick up the new issue featuring her racy photoshoot, especially daring at the end of her pregnancy. Cardi B just proved that she can do anything and look great while doing it.