Melania Trump Afraid That Donald Will Blow Off Barron On Father’s Day, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Andrew HarnikAP Images

Melania Trump didn’t seem to make much of a fuss when Donald spent Mother’s Day on the golf course, but a new report claims that she is worried her husband might spend Father’s Day away from his family as well, blowing off their 12-year-old son, Barron.

A new report claims that Melania knows Donald’s tendency to do little for others on holidays and hopes that this won’t be the case on Father’s Day. Hollywood Life quoted a source close to the couple who claimed that the First Lady knows how much the day means to Barron and how much he wants to spend time with his father.

“Melania is worried that Donald may not make time for Barron on Father’s Day,” the insider told the celebrity news outlet. “She knows he is the busiest man in the world and he is just not good with holidays and birthdays. The American holiday doesn’t mean much to Melania, but she knows it is important to Barron so she hopes for his sake, Donald makes time for him and doesn’t blow him off with on Father’s Day.”

The report noted that it already looked like Donald wasn’t carving out time for his youngest son on Sunday. When he was asked what he will be doing for the holiday, Trump said he would work and “call North Korea” and didn’t mention his family.

As the report noted, Donald Trump has not been big on holidays. For the last two consecutive years, he spent the morning and early afternoon of Mother’s Day hitting the golf course — without his wife or children. Trump did take to Twitter to celebrate mothers and mentioned his own mom, who passed away in 2000, but failed to make any mention of Melania.

There have been ongoing reports of tension between Donald and Melania Trump, who reside in separate wings of the White House. A report last week from Closer Weekly claimed that Melania was even considering a permanent move back to New York City under the guise of helping her aging parents. Melania already spent several months away from her husband just after he took office, staying back in their Manhattan home so Barron could finish his school year.

Donald Trump has not publicly revealed his plans for Father’s Day, but he may have already gotten his weekend golfing out of the way. Press reports indicated that Trump hit up his golf course in Virginia on Saturday morning.