Frankie Grande Marks One Year Of Sobriety With Powerful Letter

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Frankie Grande has had a year full of emotional events. The reality television star and YouTube personality has made a name for himself, and with that, a growing fan base. Grande is the older half-brother of pop sensation, Ariana Grande.

Earlier today, Frankie Grande shared an emotional letter about his journey over the last year. According to People, he marked one year of sobriety. Grande spiraled out of control after the bombing in Manchester last year. His sister was the headliner that night, and several of her fans and their family members died because of the terrorist actions. Frankie revealed that he was upset about the events and became stuck in a deep hole, one that grew as he began to drink too much and abuse prescription medication.

A lot has happened since Frankie Grande rose to fame in the reality television world. He appeared on Season 16 of Big Brother, keeping his connection to Ariana Grande a secret for a while. Grande then decided it would be a good idea to reveal the connection in order to further his game. The franchise garnered Frankie plenty of attention and helped to grow his fan base. His larger than life personality was something that took getting used to, but once the houseguests did, they adored him.

Today I am one year sober... and the gratitude that I feel in the face of this milestone is measureless. After the tragic events of Manchester, with the senseless loss of life and the fear that came from knowing my family was unsafe and that I was completely powerless to protect them, I went to a very dark place with no tools to handle the feelings that came along with the devastation of the attack. I tried to pull myself out of the darkness by drinking and abusing prescribed drugs as I had done in the past for so many other reasons... but that only made the hole that I was trying to crawl out of even deeper. The party life that had once given me so much confidence and comfort had turned into a nightmare where I never felt more alone. I remember lying on my bathroom floor after a night of drunken debauchery believing my life had reached the point where living was just too painful and I was envisioning any way to stop the constant torment... I finally had the courage to ask for help. I got help... and I am here today because with that help I discovered that the path to the light was not in drowning my sorrows, but in facing them head on... in sobriety. I am here today as an example to all that have gone through a personal hell or are going through it right now, whatever that hell might be for you, that you can become whole again. In fact, you can become STRONGER than you ever thought possible. I am a new man, and the man you see before you is the one I was always meant to be. This decision to be sober is a lifetime decision. I live without needing a drink or a drug to change the way I feel or perceive my circumstances and outcomes. I have repaired relationships I previously thought unsalvageable and I am living my best TRUEST life. I have never been happier. I have never been healthier. I have never been so free. So let’s all celebrate my one year of sobriety together... may it be the first of many... and if you have ever found yourself in a cycle of depression where you are drinking and/or using to excess and you believe that there is no way out i am here to tell you there is help out there! You are ABSOLUTELY NOT ALONE! for help contact: AA: (212) 870-340

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Celebrating being sober is something that is important to Frankie Grande. This was not his first battle with drugs and alcohol, so he knew when he had gone too far. After one night of drinking too much, Grande decided it was now or never, and he asked for help. His explanation of what he was dealing with after his sister was caught in the Manchester bombings was frightening. The overwhelming emotions, the lack of coping properly, and much more contributed to the falling back on old habits.

There will be plenty more happy moments to celebrate moving forward. Frankie Grande hopes to keep adding years to his sobriety counter which is a big deal. His sister recently became engaged to Pete Davidson, something that made big headlines. Things are heading in the right direction for Grande and his family. The events in Machester will forever be etched in his mind, but as the anniversaries pass, so will the overwhelming sorrow and guilt. Frankie is excited to move forward and share his story with his fans, letting them know that they are not alone and offering information for the various services available.