Casey Anthony Reportedly Dissolves Photography Business

Red Huber-PoolGetty Images

Casey Anthony, the woman who was accused of killing her toddler, Caylee Anthony, has reportedly dissolved her 3-year-old business ahead of new court proceedings. Anthony’s photography business is no longer operating in the state of Florida.

RadarOnline reports that Anthony is no longer a Florida business owner, and potentially no longer employed as she is being sued by the man who found her toddler’s dead body. Anthony’s photography business, Case Photography, LLC is no longer a business entity, according to recently filed documents as reported by Radar Online. The state says that Casey Anthony voluntarily folded her business last month.

Casey Anthony faced backlash after starting her photography business because she intended to photograph weddings and other events that might involve children. The case against Anthony was predicated on the theory that the woman was annoyed by the responsibilities of motherhood and neglected and allegedly killed her own daughter. Anthony was found not guilty by a Florida jury.

But now, Ray Kronk, the man who found little Caylee’s body, is suing Anthony for defamation. Kronk is blaming the woman dubbed “tot mom” for making statements that led the public to believe he might have been responsible for the child’s death.

For years after the death of Caylee Anthony, mother Casey stayed out of sight and made statements that doing nothing has been “boring,” as reported by The Inquisitr. When Anthony started her photography business, she no longer shied away from publicity, joking with photographers to make sure they took a flattering photo.

“Make sure you get my good side. I’m working here.”

Members of the public launched a campaign in an attempt to have Anthony abandon her business.

“We HAVE to harass her so hard she is out of business. reviews on Google, linked in, wherever we can find her. Let the Caylee cards flow in by the millions, phone calls too. might have my 5 yr old say ‘mommy.'”

One of Casey Anthony’s lawyers, Cheney Mason, says that Anthony has been virtually held hostage since she was acquitted of the murder of Caylee Anthony.

“She hasn’t been freed from her incarceration yet ’cause she can’t go out. She can’t go to a beauty parlor, she can’t go shopping to a department store, she can’t go to a restaurant, she can’t even go to McDonald’s. She can’t do anything.”

For years, Casey Anthony lived with a private investigator, Patrick McKenna who worked on her case and helped her after her legal woes.