Shannon Hathaway Pictures: School Counselor Arrested After Parent Allegedly Catches Her In Bed With Student

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

Shannon Hathaway faces serious charges that she slept with one of her underage students, but the mugshot picture released after her arrest doesn’t seem to show a school counselor worried about being thrown in prison.

Hathaway was arrested in Texas this week after a parent allegedly caught her and the student naked in bed together earlier in the year. As the Star-Telegram reported, the 33-year-old was arrested and accused of having sex with a ninth-grade student more than 10 times and even telling the student’s sister that she planned to leave her husband for the teen.

Hathaway gained nationwide attention for the strange circumstances of her arrest and for her smiling mugshot photo, which went viral on social media. Others shared pictures of Hathaway and her husband from the school counselor’s social media pages.

Hathaway surrendered to police this week on charges that she and her former student, a 17-year-old at Harwood Junior High, had been in a relationship for close to a year. The alleged victim’s sister said Hathaway began spending time with her brother during the 2016-2017 academic year, though she never witnessed anything inappropriate outside of the teacher holding her brother’s hand.

Police said they learned that the two were having a sexual relationship when the victim’s mother walked in on the school counselor in bed with her son, the New York Post reported.

The alleged victim has since turned 18 and dropped out of school, the report noted. Hathaway’s school district had placed her on leave in May as police took over the investigation.

“As is standard practice, the police department asked district personnel to not investigate the criminal allegations, so as to not interfere in the police investigation and the district agreed,” Lt. Biff Schuessler told the Star-Telegram.

Parents were notified of the arrest, and the school district’s superintendent, Steve Chapman, sent an automated message to parents saying that the incidents all happened outside of school.

“There is no evidence to suggest the alleged behavior happened on the Harwood Junior High campus,” Chapman said.

But the affidavit says that Hathaway “potentially” had sex on the Harwood Junior High campus, the New York Post reported. It was unclear what that could have meant, or if there were specific allegations that the two had sex on campus.

Shannon Hathaway was released from Tarrant County Jail this week after posting $5,000 bond. She is charged with improper relationship between an educator and a student.