Josiah Duggar’s Fiance Lauren Swanson Takes Style Clues From Her Sisters-In-Law By Baring Her Feet

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Josiah Duggar’s fiance dresses a lot like the female members of the family that she’s marrying into. But will her latest Duggar-inspired fashion choice be a look that she rocks on her wedding day?

On Friday, 21-year-old Counting On star Josiah Duggar took to Instagram to share a photo of him and his fiance, 19-year-old Lauren Swanson. Fans have been waiting for the couple to announce that they are officially man and wife, but Josiah’s snapshot was not a wedding picture. It was taken during an outdoor date in what appears to be the Duggar family’s sprawling backyard in Tontitown, Arkansas. Josiah revealed that he and Lauren had been playing badminton, and he was seemingly surprised at how adept his bride-to-be is at the sport.

“I didn’t know badminton could make me break a sweat… until I played Lauren!” he captioned the photo.

“There you go, underestimating the capability of a female (again),” read one response to his remark about Lauren’s athletic prowess.

Even though Josiah made it sound like he and Lauren were playing hard, neither looks sweaty or exhausted in the photo that he shared. He’s holding a shuttlecock, and they both have rackets in their hands. Instead of wearing athletic clothing, Josiah has on a maroon polo shirt, khaki shorts, and black sneakers with short black socks. Lauren’s look possibly made the game a bit more challenging for her. She’s wearing a gray T-shirt and a restrictive denim straight skirt similar to those that Josiah’s sisters used to be so fond of. She also played the game barefoot.

The shoe-free look is another fashion preference that Lauren has in common with her sisters-in-law. As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Duggar girls love going barefoot so much that Jill Duggar decided to walk down the aisle with no shoes on her feet. She explained her decision to get married barefoot by saying that she likes the height difference between her and her husband when she’s not wearing high heels. Jessa Duggar did something similar when she and Ben Seewald tied the knot, but she only went shoe-less during her wedding rehearsal.

Joy-Anna Duggar offered an explanation for why the Duggar girls go barefoot so often. Back when she and her adult sisters were still living at home, they had a communal pile of what Joy-Anna described as “a mountain of shoes.” This likely made it difficult to find shoes of the right size that matched, so it was simply easier to go without.

In a TLC blog post, Michelle Duggar wrote that her interpretation of certain Biblical passages about clothing is that women should be covered from the neck to below the knees. However, in a YouTube clip of an old 19 Kids and Counting episode, she said that her family has no “modesty issues” as far as feet are concerned. In other words, thongs are fine — as long as they’re the sandal kind.

There’s no word on whether Lauren Swanson plans on taking a page from Jill by going barefoot on her wedding day, but she may want to be careful about taking off her shoes for photo ops too often. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, pictures of Jill Duggar’s feet appear on a foot fetish website, and her entry is a popular one.