Angler catches Corpse-Eating Mutant Fish

A British angler investigating reports of a man eating fish has caught one in the wild.

The goonch can grow to six foot (1.8m), and regularly weighs more than 160 pounds (70kg). The fish lives in the Great Kali River, between India and Nepal, a river system used to dispose of bodies per local Hindu funeral rites.

According to SkyNews, the goonch is thought to taken an 18-year-old man last year, who was dragged under the water by a creature described as a "elongated pig." The theory goes that the fish have mutated due to an over abundance of human flesh, and having acquired a taste for it, may target the living when there's a lack of bodies in the river system.

What ever the reason: that's one amazing looking fish :-)

(img credit: SkyNews)