Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson's Friends Are Reportedly Worried They May Be Rushing Their Relationship

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson shocked fans last week when it was revealed that they were engaged to be married after only a few weeks of dating. Now, their friends are allegedly worried they could be rushing into marriage.

According to a June 15 report by Hollywood Life, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's closest friends are a bit nervous for the newly engaged couple. Sources tell the outlet that while everyone is very happy for the couple, and continue to be supportive, it is hard not to wonder if they might be confusing lust for love.

"It's incredibly sweet and everyone is happy for Ariana, but it's hard not to be a little nervous for her. Things are moving so fast and both Pete and Ariana are so intense, her friends are definitely a little afraid that they could both be confusing lust for love," an insider reveals.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande is said to be completely sure that she is totally in love with Pete Davidson and wants to spend her life with him. Sources claim that the singer thinks she is way too in love to slow things down with her new man.

"Ariana is beyond sure that this is a lasting love, but there are plenty of people in her world who are afraid this is going to crash and burn as quickly as it began, but no one is going to say that to her because it's pointless. She's way too crazy in love to slow this down."

While Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have plenty of celebrity friends and supporters, there is one star who seemingly doesn't think that the relationship is going to end well. The Weeknd recently liked a comment that revealed that Grande will either end up getting a restraining order against Davidson, or that there will be an O.J. Simpson situation.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seemingly don't care what anyone thinks about their relationship. In fact, the couple celebrated their engagement by taking a trip to Disneyland and riding their favorite rides together. The couple were photographed having a great time together, and seemingly letting their inner-child out as they laughed and posted photos of one another via their social media accounts.

While Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have not publicly confirmed their engagement, the singer has hinted on social media that the engagement reports are true, and has been spotted wearing a huge diamond ring on her left finger.